We understand the importance of testing and prototyping your autonomous applications and provide comprehensive Kits that contain everything needed for a successful positioning assessment.

Learn more about our Evaluation Kits and Starter Kits, that contain everything you need to get started. Should you require additional GNSS modules, radios, antennas or cables, you can find them in the Swift online store or contact us for volume pricing on bulk orders.

GNSS Receiver Pack

GNSS Receiver Pack Components:

A – (1) International power supply with interchangeable AC plugs (100-240V AC / 12V DC 1.5 A)

B – (1) MMCX (male) to SMA (female) cable

C – (1) Piksi Multi GNSS Module and Evaluation Board

D – (1) Barrel jack to wire cable

E – (1) Micro-USB cable


GNSS Antenna Pack

GNSS Antenna Pack Components:

A – (1) L1/L2 GPS/GLN/DBS mini-survey antenna

B – (1) 4-meter SMA (male) to TNC (male) antenna cable (RG58)

C – (1) 90 degree adapter


FreeWave Radio Pack (Either 915 MHz or 2.4 GHz)

This Radio Pack features powerful multi-band radios priced very competitively for Swift customers and includes:

A – (2) FreeWave® radios, mounted on carrier boards

B – (1) Programming Cable

C – (2) 2.4 GHz or 915 MHz 1/2 wave whip stub antennas

D – (2) Power supply, Input:100-240V AC, Output:12V DC, 0.8 A

E – (2) DE9 6-foot extension cables

F – (1) DB9 loopback adapter


Accessory Pack

Accessory Pack Components:

A – (1) Header cable

B – (3) Picoblade pigtails, one 11 pins and two 7 pins

C – (2) 1.4 meter barrel jack to cigarette lighters

D – (1) 1-meter RS-232 USB adapter DB9 (male)

E – (2) Antenna tripod mount adapters (1/4” x 20 to 5/8” x 11)

F – (1) 2-meter Ethernet patch cable

G – (2) Barrel jack Y-adapters

H – (2) Male to male null modem adapters

I – (8) Header jumpers

J – (1) 3-meter RS-232 extension cable