Duro Inertial Ruggedized Receiver

Duro Inertial

Duro Inertial combines a multi-band, multi-constellation centimeter-accurate GNSS inertial navigation solution (INS) in a ruggedized, compact form factor.

Duro Inertial is an enclosed dual-frequency GNSS receiver with an integrated inertial measurement unit that allows for continuous centimeter-accurate positioning in the harshest of environments. Designed and built to survive long-term, outdoor deployments, Duro Inertial combines centimeter-accurate GNSS+INS positioning with military ruggedness at a breakthrough price.

  • Robust Positioning

    Duro Inertial combines Carnegie Robotics SmoothPose™ sensor fusion algorithm, with Swift's Starling Positioning Engine, to deliver a continuous and precise positioning solution, even at times where there is little to no GNSS visibility.

  • Military-Grade Ruggedness

    Packaged in an IP67-rated ruggedized enclosure, Duro Inertial is designed for deployment in any environment. Duro Inertial is protected against weather, moisture, vibration, dust, water immersion and unexpected circumstances that can occur in long-term, outdoor deployments.

  • Easy Integration

    Duro Inertial supports a variety of interfaces, including RS232, CAN and Ethernet for easy integration. The Duro Inertial Starter Kit contains everything you need for a successful RTK assessment in a single package—making deployment even easier for your application.