Evaluation Kits

Once you determine which Piksi is right for your project, we highly recommend using Swift’s comprehensive Evaluation Kits to test Piksi for your specific application. Our Evaluation Kits contain everything needed for a successful RTK assessment.

Once you complete integration testing and prototyping, you can purchase
additional individual modules and accessories.

Piksi Multi Evaluation Kit

This professional kit contains what you need for rapid RTK prototyping and testing, plus high-quality radios with effective ranges up to 15 kilometers (~10 miles), antennas and accessories to ensure a successful assessment.

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Piksi Evaluation Kit

This entry-level kit contains what you need for an RTK setup, including GPS modules for rover and base station, plus radios with effective line-of-sight ranges up to 300 meters, GPS antennas and accessories.

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Feature Piksi Multi
Evaluation Kit
Evaluation Kit
Kit Type A professional RTK Kit for a variety of applications An entry-level introduction to RTK technology
Convergence Seconds Minutes
Reliability Excellent Fair (beta product)
Openness Open Linux SDK Open source RTK filter
Integration Includes professional accessories kit and powerful industrial-grade radios Entry-level Kit
Frequencies Multi-band Single-band
Constellations GPS L1/L2

Hardware ready for GLONASS G1/G2
BeiDou B1/B2
Galileo E1/E5b
Form Factor 2 x industry-standard pin-compatible modules for drop-in replacement
2 x Evaluation Boards
Unique form factor for DIY applications
Additional Hardware On-board MEMS IMU
Magnetometer for advanced sensor fusion applications
Software Architecture Dual core ARM9 FPGA with Linux support on the 2nd core Single core
Single Unit Pricing $595 $495
Evaluation Kit Pricing $1,995 $995