Last Mile Delivery

Swift Navigation offers a highly-accurate, highly-reliable precise positioning solution that improves the operational efficiency of last-mile deliveries.

Swift’s precision GNSS solutions improve last-mile operations. The Starling positioning engine enhances the measurements of commercially available GNSS receivers and when paired with the nationwide Skylark precise positioning service, allows fleet managers to optimize delivery routes, minimize fuel and operational costs and crowd-source information to reduce delays.

  • Fleet Management

    Swift’s high-accuracy positioning solutions enable key fleet management capabilities such as lane-level analytics, route optimization, accurate traffic flow analytics to improve operational efficiency. Connecting your fleet to the nationwide Skylark cloud corrections service delivers reliable, accurate positioning that provides the data you require to improve operations and reduce infrastructure costs.

  • Navigating Urban Canyons

    Swift’s solutions support the integration of vehicle sensors and inertial sensors to provide accurate positioning in areas that are typically GNSS-denied like urban canyons and dense cities. High-accuracy positioning provides real-time tracking information to help optimize routes, crowd-source information to avoid traffic delays and better plan delivery routes in congested areas.

  • Cost Effective

    Skylark's subscription model dramatically saves on infrastructure costs while Swift's GNSS products offer a variety of flexible integration options. From GNSS receivers to the receiver-agnostic Starling positioning engine that works with a variety of automotive-grade GNSS chipsets and inertial sensors, Swift makes centimeter-level GNSS accuracy a possibility without the cost of all new equipment.