Duro® / Duro Inertial
  • Military-grade, rugged enclosure
  • Weatherproof design, sealed connectors
  • Fast RTK convergence times measured in seconds, not minutes
  • Easy to deploy, ready out of the box
  • Improve results with centimeter-accurate positioning
  • Inertial Option for More Robust Positioning

The Duro family of ruggedized receivers utilize the Piksi Multi RTK GNSS receiver. Built to be tough, Duro and Duro Inertial deliver robust positioning and are ideal for agricultural, robotics, rail, maritime and outdoor industrial applications. The easy-to-deploy Duro and Duro Inertial are protected against weather, moisture, vibration, dust, water immersion and the unexpected that can occur in outdoor long-term deployments. Both Duro and Duro Inertial are available in a Starter Kit that contains everything you need for a successful RTK assessment in a single package—making deployment even easier for your application.

Piksi® Multi
  • Fast RTK convergence times measured in seconds, not minutes
  • Improve results with centimeter-accurate positioning
  • Open platform featuring powerful FPGA & dual core processor
  • Breakthrough price of $595
  • GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS G1/G2, BeiDou B1/B2, Galileo E1/E5b and SBAS
  • Designed for rapid prototyping & ease of use

Piksi Multi is a multi-band, multi-constellation RTK GNSS receiver that provides centimeter-level accuracy at a low cost. Being multi-band means fast convergence times measured in seconds, not minutes. Access to multiple satellite constellations improves availability, reliability and range between base and rover. With Piksi Multi, you’ll benefit from faster system start times and reacquisition, critical to robotic systems. It’s easy to get started with a comprehensive Evaluation Kit.

Starling® Positioning Engine
  • Third-Party Receiver Agnostic
  • GPS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS G1/G2, BeiDou B1/ B2, Galileo E1/E5b/E5a and SBAS
  • Modular and Portable
  • Integrity Outputs

Swift’s Starling Positioning Engine is a modular and portable high-precision GNSS positioning software engine that leverages Swift’s Skylark Cloud Corrections Service for autonomous vehicle applications.

Platform independent, Starling enhances the measurements for commercially available GNSS receivers to provide true precision and integrity capabilities and easily interoperates with Swift’s Piksi Multi and Duro receivers and third-party chips from STMicroelectronics and Broadcom.

SkylarkCloud Corrections Service
  • High-Precision GNSS
  • Fast Initialization
  • 60-Day Free Trial
  • Cloud-Based Corrections Service

Skylark was built from the ground up to deliver high-precision positioning to autonomous vehicles via a cloud-based corrections service. Its revolutionary approach eliminates the complexity of deploying and maintaining GNSS networks.

Simply sign up online and connect to the Skylark Dashboard. Fast device registration and the ability to easily manage and monitor network status are a click away.

  • GNSS for autonomous vehicles
  • Autonomous vehicle guidance
  • Vehicle heading solutions
  • Designed for high integrity
  • Engineered for ASIL B
  • Safety improvements
  • Complete core sensor suite
  • High-volume affordability
  • GPS for precision agriculture
  • Fuel usage improvement
  • Fertilizer monitoring
  • Seed placement
  • Farm equipment tracking
  • GNSS navigation corrections
  • Machine wear reduction
  • Yield improvement
  • GPS for drones
  • Precision control
  • Surveying & terrain mapping
  • Wind turbine measurement
  • Construction & building inspection
  • GNSS for UAVs
  • Aerial photography
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • GNSS for robotic applications
  • Automated lawn mowers
  • Highway landscaping
  • Golf course & sport field maintenance
  • Unmanned aquatic vehicles
  • Routine process optimization
  • Construction vehicle monitoring
  • Optimize vehicle control
  • GPS for surveying
  • Construction surveys
  • Real estate surveys
  • Industrial inspection
  • Agricultural surveys
  • Boundary mapping
  • Topographic surveys
  • Landfill mapping
  • GPS for research projects
  • Affordable RTK GNSS receivers
  • Precise location positioning
  • Easy APIs
  • Improve research accuracy
  • Evaluation kits for easy assessment
  • Ideal for your next research project
  • R&D autonomous vehicle projects
  • GNSS for railway applications
  • Positive train control
  • Train localization
  • Improve rail safety
  • Track inspection
  • Track maintenance of way
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Autonomous positioning and PTC
  • Centimeter-accurate GNSS
  • Maritime applications
  • Harbor equipment
  • Outdoor industrial applications
  • Machine guidance
  • Machine control
  • Satellites

Skylark and Piksi Multi are working safely and effeciently in a real-world application to at the Villages, a retirement community in San Jose, California. Swift has been a key partner on our journey to create safer, more comfortable and more affordable autonomous driving experiences for our customers.

- OLIVER CAMERON, Co-founder & CEO of Voyage
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