Precise Positioning

Swift Navigation’s GNSS solution offers a precise positioning ecosystem that delivers high-precision accuracy across autonomous applications.

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Swift delivers the centimeter-level accuracy critical to the safety and performance of autonomous applications.

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Swift provides affordable and accurate GPS software, hardware and a precise positioning corrections service at fleet-friendly prices.

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Swift is enabling a future of autonomous vehicles and mass-market applications to navigate the world.

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Swift’s Full Suite of GNSS Positioning Products

Swift makes it easy to achieve precise positioning. Get started today with Skylark pilot programs, the receiver-agnostic Starling positioning engine and comprehensive Piksi Multi and Duro RTK GNSS starter kits.

  • Skylark™ Cloud Corrections Service
  • Starling® Positioning Engine
  • Piksi® Multi
  • Duro® / Duro Inertial

Swift’s full suite of GNSS products for autonomous applications are accurate, affordable and easily integrated. Fast convergence times get your project up and running in seconds and Swift’s robust GNSS solutions perform well across a multitude of environmental settings.

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