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Swift Navigation’s precise positioning solution allows micromobility companies to better manage assets and improve user experience.

Traditional GNSS solutions do not offer the accuracy required for micromobility companies to efficiently track assets. With Swift’s platform-independent Starling positioning engine and Skylark’s precise positioning service, accuracy at the sub-meter level is available at fleet-friendly affordability.

Micromobility integration
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    Asset Tracking

    When managing a fleet of bikes or scooters, micromobility companies can depend on Swift's high-precision GNSS location solutions to ensure movable assets are where they are meant to be—ensuring both ease of use by customers and assurance to municipalities. Know where your assets are helps assuage concerns about your fleet.

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    Swift has your future business needs on its radar. Utilizing Skylark with Starling provides the ability to draw a path around a geographical boundary, thereby restricting use of micromobility assets outside of areas they are not allowed and within the neighborhoods where they are meant to be located.

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    Skylark’s subscription-based model is ideal for micromobility fleets. Skylark delivers high-accuracy corrections while being hardware-independent, giving companies a choice in today’s rapidly improving and affordable GNSS sensor ecosystem.

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    Manage Municipalities

    The ability to accurately track assets with Swift’s precise positioning solutions makes it easier to comply with local regulations and city ordinances, gain city permit approval and contribute to transportation cohesion within a city contributing to enhanced acceptance of micromobility in urban areas.

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    Easy Evaluation

    Swift offers GNSS solutions that are easy to evaluate for micromobility applications. PGM offers easy evaluation in an end-to-end solution that includes mPCIe cards and fleet-friendly receivers while Skylark delivers accurate positioning to your assets seamlessly across continents.

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    Improve User Experience

    Implementing Starling into micromobility assets and connecting them to Skylark enables users to be confident in knowing exactly where a scooter can be picked up. Precise positioning makes implementation of reliable geo-fencing possible to manage rider use of assets.

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