Piksi Evaluation Kit

The original Piksi Evaluation Kit is intended for entry-level applications. Each kit contains everything needed for an RTK setup, including GPS modules for rover and base station, plus radios with effective line-of-sight ranges up to 300 meters, GPS antennas and accessories.

The two receivers in an RTK system need to be able to communicate to pass correction data from the reference station to the rover receiver. This entry-level kit includes a basic low-power radio link to get you up and running quickly and is suitable for short baseline applications. The radio link runs open source firmware. It has a transmit power of up to 100mW, giving approximately 300-meter range with line of sight.

The items listed below are included in the Evaluation Kit. Radios are available in 915 MHz (US) and 433 MHz (Europe and other countries that do not allow 915 MHz for license-free operation). Note it is very important to select the correct version; compliance with local regulations is your responsibility.

Kit Components
A – (2) Micro-USB cables
B – (4) Spare UART cables
C – (2) Linx Technologies external GPS antennas
D – (2) GPS antenna ground planes
E – (1) Set of radio modems and antennas
F – (2) Radio cables
G – (2) Piksi GNSS modules