Piksi Multi GNSS Module

Piksi Multi is a multi-band, multi-constellation RTK GNSS receiver that provides centimeter-level accuracy at a low cost. Being multi-band means fast convergence times measured in seconds, not minutes. Access to multiple satellite constellations improves availability, reliability and range between base and rover.

With Piksi Multi, you’ll benefit from faster system start times and reacquisition, critical to robotic systems. It’s easy to get started with a comprehensive Evaluation Kit.


  • Fast RTK convergence times measured in seconds, not minutes

  • Improve results with centimeter-accurate positioning

  • Open platform featuring powerful FPGA & dual core processor

  • UART, CAN, USB & Ethernet interfaces

  • Breakthrough price of $595

  • GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS G1/G2, BeiDou B1/B2, Galileo E1/E5b and SBAS

  • Small form factor compatible with common GNSS modules

  • Designed for rapid prototyping & ease of use

Piksi Multi Innovates with RTK GNSS

Piksi Multi stemmed from the ambition of Swift’s founders to create the industry’s first low-cost, high-accuracy, real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS receiver. Their vision has since evolved into the multi-band, multi-constellation Piksi Multi RTK GNSS receiver available to purchase today. Multiple signal bands enable fast convergence times to high-precision mode and support for multiple constellations (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and SBAS) allows for more robust positioning while delivering centimeter-level accurate positioning at an affordable price.

Easy Integration

Piksi Multi is easily integrated into a variety of applications and platforms. In addition to its small form factor that is compatible with common GNSS modules, Piksi Multi features multiple high-density I/O connectors to help provide a smooth and simple integration experience. Get started with a Piksi Multi Evaluation Kit that contains everything needed for rapid RTK prototyping, testing and evaluation.


Centimeter-Level Accurate Positioning

RTK corrects for ionospheric and atmospheric errors that traditional GPS receivers encounter, enabling the multi-band, multi-constellation Piksi Multi to deliver localization that is 100 times more accurate than traditional GPS. The centimeter-level accuracy that Piksi Multi delivers is critical for the safety and performance of autonomous applications. Download a real drive-test dataset comparing the centimeter-accurate performance of the Piksi Multi RTK GNSS receiver to a leading GNSS receiver that costs ten times as much.

Runs Starling Positioning Engine

Piksi Multi utilizes Swift’s Starling software positioning engine. Starling is an advanced GNSS RTK positioning engine that enhances the measurements of GNSS receivers—including Piksi Multi—to provide true precision and integrity capabilities. Starling allows Piksi Multi to support GPS L1/L2, GLONASS G1/G2, BeiDou B1/B2, Galileo E1/E5b for RTK measurements and positioning and SBAS for robust sub-meter positioning in non-RTK mode. Additional constellations create more robust positioning performance in a variety of challenging skyview environments.