Piksi Space GNSS Module

Piksi Space is Swift’s RTK GPS receiver specifically designed for space applications. Ideal for Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) and CubeSat use cases, it is a single-band L1 device with a small form factor and low power consumption.

  • Cold start compatibility in orbit.

  • Low power consumption

  • 10 Hz position/velocity/time solutions for fast updates

  • GPS L1 carrier phase RTK

  • Small form factor:

  • Designed for LEO and CubeSats

Piksi Space GNSS Module

Piksi Space is a GPS L1 Receiver designed for space customers. Its small form factor, fast position solution update rate, low power consumption, cold start capacity in orbit and specialized firmware make it ideal for near-space and Lower Earth Orbit (LEO) space applications, small satellites and CubeSats.

Suitable for Space Applications

Specific space applications may include: attitude control; navigation for LEO missions; high altitude atmospheric applications; near-earth navigation; position, velocity, time determination; post-maneuver orbit determination; payload data time stamping; accurate timing and synchronization and amateur rocketry. A high-performance DSP on-board and our flexible SwiftNAP correlation accelerator provide Piksi Space with ample computing resources for advanced receiver techniques, such as multipath mitigation, spoofing detection and carrier phase tracking.

Designed for the Experienced Systems Integrator

To ensure that Piksi Space is suitable for your application, contact our sales team about placing an order and volume pricing. Note: Piksi Space GNSS Module is subject to export control and is only available in the U.S. and Canada.