Precision Agriculture

Piksi Multi is your affordable solution to high-precision GPS for agricultural equipment. Whether built into navigations systems or added to equipment as an after-market capability, Piksi Multi can help improve fuel usage, reduce row overlap, monitor fertilizer and seed placement, track equipment and aid navigation-focused tasks.

  • Affordable Accuracy

    Piksi Multi is a highly-accurate RTK GNSS receiver available at a fraction of the cost of traditional, hardware based GPS solutions. This accessibility makes it easier to automate equipment and provides navigation correction to improve yields and reduce machine wear. Achieve functionality while maintaining profitability.

  • Open Design

    Piksi Multi is designed for a broad range of field conditions. Its open design allows customers to tailor and adapt its features to their unique requirements. With an IMU on-board, Piksi Multi can output raw data and its Linux based core allows for custom software development and use of their own applications.

  • Industry-Standard Size

    Piksi Multi’s industry standard form factor makes for an easy drop-in replacement that aids in faster speed-to-market with reduced engineering redesign. If your current GPS board isn’t multi-band or multi-constellation, easily replace it with the plug-and-play Piksi Multi. Additional signal bands enable convergence time measured in seconds, not minutes. Additional satellite constellations enhance availability.