Precision Agriculture

The ruggedized Duro is ideal for agricultural applications.

Piksi Multi, and the ruggedized Duro, are your affordable solutions to high-precision GPS for agricultural equipment. Whether built into navigations systems or added to equipment as an aftermarket capability, Swift’s high-precision GNSS solutions can help improve fuel usage, reduce row overlap, monitor fertilizer and seed placement, track equipment and aid navigation-focused tasks.

  • Affordable Accuracy

    Swift Navigation is focused on providing highly-accurate RTK GNSS receivers at a fraction of the cost of traditional, hardware based GPS solutions. This accessibility makes it easier to automate equipment and provides navigation correction to improve yields and reduce machine wear. Achieve functionality while maintaining profitability.

  • Open Design

    Swift Navigation believes that customers should be able to easily tailor and adapt features to unique project requirements by using an open design. Whether using Piksi Multi’s on-board IMU to output raw data and its Linux based core for custom software development or utilizing Duro being ready right out of the box, Swift provides frequent firmware releases so customers can customize products to the particular demands of applications and speed overall system integration.

  • Withstand the Elements

    Duro is designed with your field equipment in mind. The robust hardware has a weatherproof design with sealed connectors. Duro’s ability to withstand wide vibration and temperature limits is perfect for field conditions. The rugged enclosure protects a high-precision GNSS receiver to delivers the accuracy needed for autonomous farm equipment.