Research & Development

Improve the accuracy of your R&D project with Piksi Multi. In addition to being an affordable, multi-band and multi-constellation GNSS receiver, Piksi Multi improves the accuracy of your research results with its quality data output.

  • Affordable Accuracy

    Piksi Multi is a highly-accurate RTK GNSS receiver available at an affordable price. Delivering centimeter-level accurate results for your next research project.

  • Open Design

    High-precision RTK technology increases the quality of data. Piksi Multi’s open design allows you to tailor and adapt its features to your unique project. With an IMU on-board, Piksi Multi can output raw data and its Linux based core allows for custom software development.

  • Easily Get Your Project Started

    Piksi Multi is available in an Evaluation Kit that contains everything you need to get your research project started. Its 20 pin SAMTEC Connector makes it an easy platform for students and faculty alike to start working with it out of the box.