Software Platform

Swift Navigation software powers autonomous vehicle navigation, helping vehicles understand and accurately travel the world. By moving GPS positioning from expensive, closed and proprietary hardware offered by alternative GPS providers to a flexible software-based GNSS receiver, using off-the-shelf components, Swift’s Piksi Multi represents a revolution in advanced precision GNSS capabilities for the mass market. Multi-band, multi-constellation centimeter-accurate GNSS is now available to easily integrate into your application at a fraction of the price of competitive systems.

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    At a Price Point that Scales

    Many of today’s most exciting autonomous vehicle innovations simply cannot go to market with a GNSS receiver priced in the thousands of dollars. At Piksi Multi’s price point, it can be used in large-scale deployments.

  • Enabling Faster Integration

    With frequent firmware releases, Swift customers can easily customize Piksi Multi to the particular demands of their applications and speed system integration. Our open platform allows you to rapidly prototype and integrate Swift solutions quickly and easily into projects. Piksi Multi features a powerful Xilinx Zynq FPGA and dual core Arm A9 processor allowing you to run Linux OS on its second core.

    We participate in an open ecosystem, publishing our documentation and support resources online. With these tools, developers can quickly move from prototyping software on the bench to running it standalone on the Piksi Multi receiver within their device.