Duro Inertial Starter Kit


8 lb

Duro Inertial Starter Kit



  • 1x Duro Inertial

Cables and Adapters

  • 1x Full power supply with international plug adapters
  • 1x Barrel jack to cigarette lighter adapter
  • 1x SMA jack to TNC plug adapter
  • 1x Mini null modem connectors (DB9 male to DB9 male)
  • 1x Ethernet cable (M12-D-Code male to RJ45 plug)
  • 1x Serial cable (M12-A-Code 8-pin male to DB9 female)
  • 1x Power cable (M12-A-Code 5-pin female to DC power jack)
  • 1x UX-I/O Y-cable (M12-A-Code 17-pin male to DB9 female and DB15 female)
  • 1x Ground cable


  • 1x L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou mini-survey antenna
  • 1x 4-meter SMA (male) to TNC (male) antenna cable (RG58)
  • 1x 90 degree adapter

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