Piksi Multi improves unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and terrestrial survey operations. In addition to its centimeter-level accuracy, it is multi-band—enabling convergence times in seconds, not minutes—and it is multi-constellation—improving operations in even the most challenging conditions. Piksi Multi is ideal for:

  • Building and construction surveys
  • Real estate surveys
  • Industrial inspections
  • Agricultural surveys
  • Boundary mapping
  • Soil and topographic surveys
  • Earth movement detection
  • Landfill mapping
  • Search and rescue

  • Affordable Accuracy

    Piksi Multi is a highly-accurate RTK GNSS receiver available at an affordable price. Obtain centimeter-level accurate results for your UAV or terrestrial survey project, whether for construction, real estate or precision agriculture.

  • Improve Output Quality

    High-precision RTK technology increases the quality of final orthomosaics. Imagery stitching is exponentially more precise with centimeter-level accurate output. Customers are also able to tailor and adapt features to their unique requirements. With an IMU on-board, Piksi Multi can output raw data and its Linux based core allows for customer software development.

  • Improve Precision and Longevity

    Swift Navigation’s next-generation Piksi Multi RTK GPS technology improves the precision of survey results and can reduce overlap and sidelap, thereby increasing the survey area during a given flight. In addition, you can use Piksi Multi technology with existing base stations to avoid having to purchase new ground systems or as a low-cost GNSS reference station.