SwiftPath with Quectel

SwiftPath is a line of GNSS products bundling Swift Navigation solutions with leading-edge OEM chipsets and modules. SwiftPath with Quectel utilizes the LG69T-AP module to offer a quick path to cost-effective, volume production and is ideal for customers building industrial, last mile, micromobility and IoT platforms. Whether you are in the evaluation phase or ready to roll out high-volume production, SwiftPath has the right format to suit your application.

SwiftPathTM with Quectel features STMicroelectronics’ TeseoV chipset in a Quectel LG69T-AP module, and is designed specifically for Swift’s Starling positioning engine together with Swift’s Skylark corrections, along with fused IMU and wheel odometry. The product is available as the Precision GNSS Evaluation Platform for easy evaluation, the PGM module in an mPCIe format for rapid deployment or high-volume applications using the Quectel module. Achieve the highest performance when used with Swift’s Skylark cloud-based precise positioning service.



SwiftPath with Quectel for All Phases of Your Development Cycle

PGM Dev Cycle


  • SwiftPath 1

    Easy Evaluation

    PGM is available in an easily configurable Evaluation Platform that ships with all necessary components to quickly evaluate performance on a test platform.

  • SwiftPath 2

    SSR Based

    Swift’s PGM solution supports end-to-end SSR (State Space Representation) format corrections when connected to Swift’s wide area corrections service Skylark.

  • SwiftPath 3

    Industry-Standard Format

    PGM delivers maximum flexibility of design and performance in a simple to use, industry standard mPCIe (mini peripheral component interconnect express) format. 

  • SwiftPath 4

    Easily Configurable

    PGM is easily configurable and supports multiple general-purpose input/output (GPIO) configurability for vehicle interfaces, such as vehicle velocity inputs.

  • SwiftPath 5

    High Accuracy

    PGM provides centimeter-level accuracy and enables fast convergence times by utilizing Starling with multi-band, multi-constellation support.

  • SwiftPath 6

    Integrated IMU

    PGM provides dead reckoning capabilities with an integrated ASM330 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and wheel odometry support to provide continual high-precision positioning.

PGM Diagram

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