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Select items from the Swift store include a 6-month Skylark license in available geographies so you can benefit from the real-time, high-precision positioning of Skylark from the start.

Skylark Precise Positioning

Skylark delivers precise positioning to autonomous vehicles via a nationwide, cloud-based corrections service. Skylark is hardware-independent, giving customers choice in today’s rapidly improving and affordable GNSS sensor ecosystem. Contact Swift to learn more about connecting to Skylark in your area.

Precision GNSS Module

Swift Navigation’s Precision GNSS Module (PGM) is a quick path to production for Swift’s precise positioning solution. Designed for fast evaluation, PGM is ideal for customers building industrial, last mile and IoT platforms. High performance at an affordable price, $249 per module.

PGM Evaluation Platform

The PGM Evaluation Platform is ideal for customers requiring the ability to quickly install on a target platform and test performance in the field. 

The PGM Evaluation Platform includes a multi-band antenna, power cables and USB cables.

Piksi Multi Evaluation Kit

The Piksi Multi Evaluation Kit contains everything needed for a successful assessment, allowing you to easily set up a centimeter-accurate GNSS RTK system for rapid prototyping and testing.

Includes a 6-month Skylark license in available geographies.

Duro Inertial Starter Kit

Duro Inertial is an enclosed, ruggedized dual-frequency GNSS RTK receiver with an integrated IMU. The Duro Inertial Starter Kit includes everything needed to easily install this GNSS sensor that delivers continuous and seamless, high-accuracy positioning even in harsh GNSS environments.

Includes a 6-month Skylark license in available geographies.

Duro Starter Kit

Duro is a ruggedized version of the Piksi Multi RTK GNSS receiver in a cast aluminum enclosure. The Duro Starter Kit includes everything needed to install this GNSS sensor in your application and get started with RTK positioning.

Includes a 6-month Skylark license in available geographies.

Receiver Packs

For projects requiring an additional receiver, Swift offers the Piksi Multi GNSS Receiver Pack that pairs greatly with the Accessory Pack for successful implementation.

Includes a 6-month Skylark license in available geographies.

GNSS Sensor Volume Orders

Piksi Multi, Duro and Duro Inertial Sensors are not sold individually. Get started with the Kits above. Experienced systems integrators and large volume enterprise customers should contact our sales team to learn about volume pricing on individual units.


RTK GNSS projects often require additional accessories. Swift offers Radio Packs, Antenna Packs and Accessory Packs that are sold separately to help make your project a success.