Swift Navigation provides high-accuracy navigation and location services for mobile devices and platforms with high-confidence location features.

Swift’s precision positioning technology platform improves backend services with its lane-level accuracy. The receiver-agnostic Starling positioning engine enhances GNSS measurements and can easily be integrated into leading mobile devices and platforms, including location-driven mobile applications. The ability to connect via the cloud to Skylark allows mobile units to receive lane-level accurate corrections without geographic restrictions.

mobile integration
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    Enhanced Map & Location Services

    True, lane-level guidance and driving alerts, improved vertical assessment, and increased accuracy in finding/ confirming Point of Arrival. Higher accuracy positioning also allows backend mapping services to update maps to truth faster in areas such as construction zones.

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    Map Integrity Monitoring

    Skylark delivers lane-level accuracy which is critical so users know exactly where on the road they are. This accuracy makes it possible for mapping apps to update in real-time and notify users if they have missed, or soon will miss, an exit and need to re-route. This accuracy makes it clear if users are traveling on a main highway or an access road improving user confidence in map products. 

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    Mobile App Minded

    Businesses that rely on maps via mobile devices—whether connecting to its workforce or its customers—require accuracy for efficiency. With the subscription based Skylark precise positioning service, mobile devices can connect to a network, with ever expanding geographic coverage, to determine their precise location. 

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