Swift Navigation provides Skylark wide-area corrections services to enable lane-level positioning performance.

Skylark corrections enable the handset to operate at lane-level accuracy, improving backend services and consumer in-vehicle experience. The Skylark correction stream is available as either carrier-phase or code-phase differential GNSS (DGNSS) resolution, provided in leading-edge state space representation (SSR) format or traditional observation state representation (OSR) format.

mobile integration
  • Mobile 1

    Enhanced Map & Location Services

    True, lane-level guidance and driving alerts, improved vertical assessment and increased accuracy in finding/ confirming Point of Arrival. Higher accuracy positioning also allows backend mapping services to update maps to truth faster in areas such as construction zones.

  • Mobile 2

    Map Integrity Monitoring

    Skylark delivers lane-level accuracy which is critical so users know exactly where on the road they are. This accuracy makes it possible for mapping apps to update in real-time and notify users if they have missed, or soon will miss, an exit and need to re-route. This accuracy makes it clear if users are traveling on a main highway or an access road, improving user confidence in map products. 

  • Mobile 3

    Mobile App Minded

    Businesses that rely on maps via mobile devices—whether connecting to its workforce or its customers—require accuracy for efficiency. With the subscription-based Skylark precise positioning service, mobile devices can connect to a network, with ever expanding geographic coverage, to determine their precise location. 

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