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Precise Location That Just Works. Everywhere.

  • Precise Navigation

    Precise Navigation

    Optimize the driver experience and fleet efficiency

  • Safe Autonomy

    ADAS & Autonomy

    Safely deliver assisted and autonomous operations

  • V2X


    Coordinate with other vehicles and devices for improved safety

  • Connect Your Device

    Precision Geotagging

    Harvest data for trend analysis and map building

Precise Positioning Platform

Swift's Skylark Precise Positioning Service and Starling Positioning Engine deliver highly accurate absolute position to complement the automotive sensor suite. 

Automotive System Architecture

Reliable Accuracy

Reliable Accuracy

  • Centimeter accurate
  • High availability
  • Uniform performance in all regions

Drive Test Results

Guaranteed Safety

High Integrity

  • ISO 26262 compliant for ASIL-B
  • Secure against GNSS spoofing and jamming
  • Redundant system architecture

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Flexible Design

Flexible Design

  • Software-only solution
  • Compatible with automotive sensors
  • Supports legacy and modern vehicle architectures

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Proven at Scale

Proven at Scale

  • Global MNO partnerships
  • Mass market deployments in production
  • Local support around the world

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High Performance in the Most Challenging Environments

Swift's Precise Positioning Platform corrects errors in the GNSS signal and leverages sensor fusion to enable high accuracy absolute positioning, even in the most challenging environments where other solutions fail.


Urban Canyons

Mitigate errors caused by multipath and blocked and reflected signals common in downtown areas.

Access Roads

Precise enough to distinguish between a highway and an access road.

Remote Locations

Stay on track on country roads with no markings or off-map locations.

Complex Intersections

Navigate safely through complex or unmarked multi-lane intersections.


Fast convergence and dead reckoning help navigate through underpasses and tunnels.

Inclement Weather

Operate confidently when visual cues are lost in rain or snow storms.

Automotive Environments

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