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Survey-grade precision at scale

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Flexible and Affordable Precise Positioning

Swift's Skylark Precise Positioning Service enables centimeter accurate location for critical infrastructure mapping and maintenance.

Efficiency Gains

Improve Efficiency

Dig with precision, climb the right pole, and get the job done faster
GIS Worker Hat

Increase Worker Safety

Identify the precise location of hazards to avoid the risk of injury
Time Savings

Reduce Reliance on Surveyors

Stop waiting around for surveyors for work your field team can do

Case Study: Deutsche Telekom Leverages Skylark for Deployment of Underground Fiber Optics


Survey Grade Precision

Survey-Grade Precision

  • Accuracy down to 2 cm
  • Broad coverage footprint
  • High performance in all environmental conditions



Field Teams

Affordable for Large Field Teams

  • Best price-to-performance ratio on the market
  • Compatible with popular low-cost receivers
  • Configurations available for 2-4 cm and sub-meter accuracy



Fast to Deploy

Fast and Easy to Deploy

  • Pre-configured and tested with popular user-friendly receivers and applications
  • Purchase as a bundled solution or add to your existing tech stack



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