Achieve Positive Train Control with Duro Inertial. Duro Inertial is an enclosed dual-frequency GNSS + RTK receiver with an IMU that allows for continuous centimeter-accurate positioning in the harshest of environments.

  • Positive Train Control

    Swift Navigation’s centimeter-accurate and affordable RTK GNSS receivers make them ideal for the implementation of PTC. The combination of RTK GNSS + IMU technologies allows Duro Inertial to be more robust to anomalies and to provide position solutions with higher availability and smoother trajectory—delivering the robustness your rail assets need.

  • Inertial Technology

    Duro Inertial utilizes Carnegie Robotics’ SmoothPose™ sensor fusion algorithm, with Swift’s Starling Positioning Engine, to deliver a continuous and robust positioning system for a variety of applications, even at times where there is little to no GNSS visibility.

  • Withstand the Elements

    Duro Inertial has a weatherproof design with sealed connectors and its ability to withstand wide vibration and temperature limits is ideal for long-term outdoor conditions. The rugged IP67-rated enclosure protects the high-precision GNSS receiver to deliver the accuracy needed for your rail equipment.