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Case Study

Skylark Outperforms LiDAR in Autonomous Delivery Robot Applications for Level Five Supplies


“Precise positioning technology is a compelling addition to our robotic development work and could transform our approach to autonomous delivery robots.”

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, CEO, Level Five Supplies

Level Five Supplies is a UK-based technology distributor in the autonomous vehicle technology ecosystem. Their latest endeavor is the development of a delivery robot capable of navigating the challenging landscape that is urban sidewalks, particularly in the UK. These environments are full of irregularities such as curb cuts, barrier posts and other obstacles. An additional hurdle is the fact that accurate sources of mapping data for sidewalks are often inadequate. Thus, calculating the best route to account for obstacles is complicated and an extremely high level of accuracy is required to effectively position and protect the robot.

To address this critical need, Level Five Supplies used Swift's Skylark Precise Positioning Service. Skylark yielded levels of accuracy that surpassed expectations, providing a robust foundation for the robot's navigation capabilities. Another impressive result was that Skylark made the sensor payload simpler, lighter, and consumes less power-intensive than LiDAR. Level Five also appreciated that Skylark is easy to scale and release as a mass-market product, making it highly valuable in terms of ROI.