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ArduSimple and Swift Partner to Accelerate Development of Centimeter-Accurate Location-Based Products and Apps

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Through the partnership, ArduSimple is bundling three evaluation kits with a six-month free trial of Swift’s Skylark Precise Positioning Service.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 30, 2024 — Swift Navigation, a market leader in precise positioning technologies for automotive, IoT, and mobile applications, and ArduSimple, a leading developer of affordable GNSS receivers and GNSS evaluation tools, today announced their partnership to make it easier and more cost effective than ever for developers to deploy precise positioning technologies.

Through the collaboration, ArduSimple is bundling three evaluation kits with a six-month free trial of Swift’s Skylark® Precise Positioning Service. By combining Skylark’s accurate, reliable, and high integrity positioning with best-in-class receivers from select industry-leading GNSS receiver manufacturers — u-blox, Unicore, and Septentrio — ArduSimple and Swift are enabling developers to quickly unlock the full range of use cases for precise positioning.

ArduSimple Skylark Starter Kit

From autonomous cars to outdoor robots, drones, and augmented reality, the next generation of location-based products understand and navigate the world with centimeter accuracy. But enabling precise location in these products can be challenging. With a plethora of positioning technologies to choose from, developers often struggle to find the solution that best meets use case-specific requirements for accuracy, coverage, reliability, integrity, bandwidth, power consumption, and costs. As a result, processes to select and evaluate vendors can become lengthy and complex, delaying product launches, and resulting in suboptimal user experiences.

ArduSimple and Swift are tackling this challenge head on. With evaluation kits based on the u-blox F9, Unicore UM980, or Septentrio mosaic, and various configurations of Skylark, developers now have a suite of plug-and-play tools to quickly incorporate accurate, reliable, high integrity positioning into new products, while setting themselves up for scale and long-term success.

“Our partnership with ArduSimple directly advances our mission to unlock the next generation of location-based products across industries,” said Brad Sherrard, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Industrial Business Unit at Swift Navigation. “We architected Skylark to deliver reliable accuracy while maximizing design flexibility and purchasing power to ensure success at scale. Together with ArduSimple, we are enabling developers to quickly and easily deploy plug-and-play solutions rigorously tested to exceed requirements for their use case – globally and at scale.”

When paired with Skylark, u-blox’s F9 and Unicore’s UM980 deliver an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio suitable for a wide range of autonomous vehicles – from guided tractors to robotic lawn mowers – as well as lone worker safety. Septentrio’s mosaic receivers excel in the most challenging environments and are ideal for surveying, mapping, and photogrammetry applications that leverage positioning data from drones and handheld devices.

“Swift shares our mission to make RTK technology affordable and accessible to everyone,” said Marc Castillo, Senior Consultant at ArduSimple. “We are thrilled to partner with them to bring simple, effective, and scalable cloud-based solutions to our customers.”

ArduSimple’s new Skylark Starter Kit is available to purchase starting at $300 today on ArduSimple’s store:



Swift Navigation is changing the way we understand and navigate the planet. Swift’s Skylark is the only global cloud-based precise positioning service built from the ground up to unlock new mass market use cases across industries at scale. ISO-certified to meet automotive safety standards for L2+ autonomy and delivered through carrier-grade networks with full redundancy in every system and connection, Skylark delivers reliable, centimeter-accurate positioning for more than 8 million safety-critical devices globally. Skylark is highly configurable, compatible with a wide range of GNSS chipsets, modules, and receivers, and packaged into rigorously tested and proven solutions for multiple industries. Visit to learn more.



ArduSimple develops user-friendly and affordable RTK receivers and tools for the evaluation of multiband GNSS technology, including real-time kinematic (RTK) functionality with centimeter-level accuracy, making GNSS RTK technology simple, affordable, and accessible to everyone. With a series of starter kits, tutorials, engineering services, and OEM products, ArduSimple allows their customers to:

  • Test the technology and believe it is possible to achieve centimeter-level precision at an affordable cost.
  • Accelerate their projects and developments thanks to plug-and-play evaluation boards and starter kits.
  • Create products and solutions thanks to qualified support, turnkey services, and pre-configured OEM products.