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Swift Navigation and Emlid Partner to Unleash All-in-One High Precision Surveying and Mapping Solution

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Swift’s Skylark Precise Positioning Service paired with Emlid’s high performance Reach receivers is the ultimate package for mass market centimeter accurate surveying and mapping applications.

San Francisco, CA–November 30, 2023–Swift Navigation, a market leader in precise positioning technologies for automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile applications, today unveiled its partnership with surveying solutions leader Emlid. Through this collaboration, Swift and Emlid are bringing together a complete, turnkey solution for high precision surveying and mapping that’s easier and more cost effective to use than competitive offerings.

The need for accurate GIS (Geographic Information Systems) data has never been more critical and prevalent across industries – from construction firms conducting site surveys, to utility companies locating buried infrastructure, and research institutes mapping archeological excavations. This has given rise to Real-Time Kinematic (RTK), a technique used to enhance the precision of location data derived from GNSS satellites. However, most RTK receivers on the market come in the form of vertically integrated products that are expensive, complex to operate, and rely on the availability of a single ground reference station in the vicinity.

Swift’s solution is Skylark® Precise Positioning Service, a cloud-based hardware agnostic GNSS corrections service that delivers centimeter accurate positioning, fast convergence, and unified performance. With its flexible and affordable subscription model, Skylark eliminates the cost and burden of maintaining ground stations or the risk associated with depending on unreliable public ones. Instead, Skylark leverages observations from hundreds of reference stations in its network to model corrections across entire countries and delivers them straight to any compatible receiver over the internet.

Reach RX

​​​Just like Swift is revolutionizing precise positioning technology, Emlid is disrupting surveying and mapping technologies with its suite of cutting-edge, rugged, and considerably more affordable high precision GNSS receivers. When paired with Skylark, Emlid’s Reach RX delivers centimeter-level accuracy, and gets a fix within seconds, even in challenging environments. Whether used for utility, inspection, construction, or research, anyone on the team can use it, with no training required, and, weighing only 250 grams and measuring about 5 cm wide, it fits right into anyone’s pocket.

Reach RX pairs via Bluetooth to any smartphone, instantly routing its high precision location to all running mobile apps, such as GeoAce from ITS Geo, another member of Swift’s Partner Program. The GeoAce app fuses Reach’s location with the iPhone Lidar to create precisely georeferenced 3D scans that can be instantly viewed in augmented reality. 

Igor Vereninov, co-founder and CEO of Emlid, shared his perspective on the partnership: "Together Emlid and Swift Navigation are delivering a joint solution that is ideal for mass market deployment of surveying and mapping technology. For any company with multiple teams taking any kind of measurements in the field, this is the way to go.”

Timothy Harris, co-founder and CEO of Swift Navigation added: "This partnership advances Swift's mission to build a safer and more efficient future by changing the way we understand and navigate every centimeter of our planet. By making it possible for anyone to create and leverage high precision digital maps, we’re unlocking innovative GIS, surveying, and mapping applications that improve safety and efficiency for millions of workers in construction, mining, utilities, and other industries around the world.”


Swift Navigation is changing the way we understand and navigate the planet. Swift’s precise positioning solutions enable centimeter-level mapping, tracking, and navigation to unlock vehicle autonomy, industrial automation, and digital innovation across industries globally. Some of the largest companies in the world are leveraging Swift’s technology to enable safer driving, deliver autonomous vehicles and equipment, optimize logistics, and unleash next-generation mobile applications for navigation, worker safety, and augmented reality, among others. Learn more about how Swift is building a safer and more connected future at


Emlid makes high precision RTK GNSS receivers and software for the field and the office. Our products are used for surveying, construction, drone mapping and more. Emlid devices are radically more affordable, fully featured and built to last, allowing you to scale faster or use high accuracy where it was previously prohibitively expensive. Now everyone on the team can use RTK. Learn more at