Swift Navigation offers an ecosystem of GNSS positioning solutions for autonomous applications. Its affordable, high-precision navigation solutions meet the demands of your autonomous projects—on land, on the water, in the air or out of this world.

Swift was founded on the notion that highly-accurate GPS solutions should be accessible. GPS accuracy should be accessible across autonomous applications. We continue to build on that foundation and today offer a variety of GNSS products for autonomous applications that are accurate, affordable and easily integrated while delivering fast convergence times to get your project is up and running in seconds and robustness across a multitude of environmental settings.

  • Swift for Automotive

    Piksi Multi is the critical high-precision GNSS required to complete your Level 3+ autonomous core sensor suite at a cost that meets your BOM requirements while the Skylark Cloud Corrections Service provides a continuous stream of data to individual devices, improving geographic reach and eliminating reliance on individual base stations.

  • Swift for Robotics

    Piksi Multi accuracy improves localization and control for your robotics application and Duro ruggedness protects against the elements. Skylark complements both with its high-precision corrections service and fast initialization times.

  • Swift for UAV

    Piksi Multi provides quicker initialization for your UAV operations, supports longer baselines and is capable of logging raw, dual-frequency carrier-phase data.

  • Swift for Agriculture

    Automate agriculture equipment utilizing the weatherproof, rugged Duro and benefit from Piksi Multi’s affordability and easy integration. Products are ideal for auto steering systems and high-precision GNSS enables accurate tracking of field equipment.

  • Swift for Rail

    Implement Positive Train Control with Duro Inertial. The combination of RTK GNSS + IMU technologies allows Duro Inertial to be more robust to anomalies and to provide position solutions with higher availability and smoother trajectory.

  • Swift for Survey

    Piksi Multi’s design is easily integrated into a UAV platform and its high-precision GNSS increases the quality of final orthomosaics. It also supports carrier-phase data for those looking to build affordable GNSS reference stations.

  • Swift for R&D

    Duro and Piksi Multi are designed with your next research or academic project in mind. High-precision GNSS improves the accuracy of your results and on-board Linux enables seamless integration of applications.