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Swift Navigation and Calian Partner to Simplify Integration of Precise Positioning into Location-Based Products

Calian Partnership

The combination of Calian’s Smart GNSS Antennas and Swift’s Skylark Precise Positioning Service offers developers a plug-and-play way to integrate GNSS precision.

San Francisco, CA–June 26, 2024–Swift Navigation, a market leader in precise positioning technologies for automotive, IoT, and mobile applications, and Calian Group Ltd. (TSX: CGY), a leading provider of innovative solutions in GNSS technologies, today announced their partnership to drastically streamline the integration of precise positioning into location-based products across industries.

Autonomous vehicles and robots are complex and costly to build. Developers need to integrate advanced hardware and software, do extensive testing and validation, maintain complex infrastructure, and calibrate to ensure seamless compatibility between diverse components and systems.

Calian and Swift today introduced a solution: Calian’s fully integrated GNSS hardware working seamlessly with Swift’s Skylark® Precise Positioning Service.

By combining the antenna, receiver, and positioning engine into a single enclosure, Calian significantly simplifies the GNSS part of the hardware architecture, allowing system integrators to focus on their core expertise and reducing development costs.

Calian’s smart antennas are available in a ceramic patch design, based on its patented Tallysman Accutenna® technology, ideal for stationary or vehicle-mounted applications, such as navigation, driver safety, and outdoor robots. They also offer a helical form factor, perfect for portable, lightweight, and mobile applications where size, weight, and durability are critical, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and wearables.

Calian Antenna

When paired with Skylark’s GNSS corrections, Calian’s Smart Antennas offer centimeter-level accuracy, uniform performance, and fast convergence. Skylark's flexible and affordable subscription model eliminates the need for maintaining ground reference stations or the risk of using unreliable public ones, leveraging observations from its extensive network to model corrections for entire countries, delivered directly to receivers via the internet.

“Precise positioning is a critical component of cutting-edge products across industries,” said Holger Ippach, Vice President of Product & Marketing at Swift Navigation. “We are thrilled to partner with Calian to simplify the development process, making it easier than ever before for developers to bring innovative products to market.”

“Calian is excited to collaborate with Swift Navigation to provide an integrated GNSS solution that delivers exceptional accuracy and ease of use,” said Christopher Russell, VP of Sales for Calian GNSS. “Our Smart GNSS Antennas allow users to quickly evaluate Skylark Precise Positioning Service right out of the box, ensuring a seamless experience and superior performance.”

Calian offers development kits that include the smart antenna, an RS-232, RS-422, or USB digital interface, and the TruPrecision evaluation software, enabling developers to quickly evaluate Skylark with the many compatible Calian antennas. Visit to learn more about the Tallysman line of smart antenna solutions available for use with Skylark.



Swift Navigation is changing the way we understand and navigate the planet. Swift’s Skylark is the only global cloud-based precise positioning service built from the ground up to unlock new mass market use cases across industries at scale. ISO-certified to meet automotive safety standards for L2+ autonomy and delivered through carrier-grade networks with full redundancy in every system and connection, Skylark delivers reliable, centimeter-accurate positioning for more than 8 million safety-critical devices globally. Skylark is highly configurable, compatible with a wide range of GNSS chipsets, modules, and receivers, and packaged into rigorously tested and proven solutions for multiple industries. Visit to learn more.



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