Piksi is a low-cost, high-accuracy GPS receiver with Real Time Kinematics (RTK).

Designed for integration into your system, the Piksi OEM provides high accuracy for a range of applications.

  • Centimeter-level accuracy
  • Open source software
  • Fast solution output rate (50hz)
  • Best-in-class power consumption (0.5W)

Lodestar is high accuracy field system utilizing Piksi RTK GPS technology.

Lodestar connects to your computer, tablet or mobile device running applications on our platform.

  • Rugged and water-resistant
  • Bluetooth, USB and serial connectivity
  • Small form factor - handheld or pole-mount
  • Use as base-station or rover

Our GPS platform provides you with the best programs and apps for any task from GIS and mapping to agriculture and machine control.

We partner with industry experts and developers to provide solutions tailored to your industry.

  • Tailored apps, not one size fits all solutions
  • Rich, easy to use interfaces
  • Design your own applications to work with Lodestar
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