Autonomy requires accuracy and Piksi Multi is designed with your fleet in mind. Its centimeter-level accuracy is designed for easy integration into the core sensor suite and multiple bands and satellite constellations improve the performance of autonomous vehicle functionality. The benefits of Piksi Multi go well beyond adding autonomous functionality. Automakers and navigation OEMs can reduce solutions costs, improve product flexibility, save fuel, reduce maintenance costs, locate equipment, improve safety and reduce risk with Swift.

  • Achieve Level 3+ Autonomy

    Piksi Multi’s high-precision RTK GNSS provides the unprecedented flexibility to tailor features to specific uses—like automated vehicle heading—providing improved monitoring accuracy and more effective robotics systems control. Piksi Multi delivers the centimeter-level accuracy autonomous vehicles require. The Skylark Cloud Corrections service delivers the accuracy, integrity and scalability required for autonomous applications.

  • Key to the Sensor Suite

    GNSS completes the core sensor suite for level 3+ autonomy. While Vision, Radar, LiDAR and Inertial play critical roles, GNSS is the only sensor that outputs absolute time, position and velocity. Its multi-band enables convergences times in second and its multiple satellite constellations enhance availability in even the most challenging driving conditions. Piksi Multi ensures your autonomous vehicles maintain their position in situations where there are lack of features, inclement weather and no lane markings.

  • High-Volume Affordability

    At a fraction of the cost of traditional, hardware-based GPS solutions, Swift’s breakthrough pricing makes it possible to achieve new functionality while maintaining profitability. Piksi Multi was designed from ground up for autonomous vehicles. Skylark is designed to scale, supporting one unit to an unlimited number of units, with enterprise pricing available.