Swift Navigation’s lane-level positioning production solution was designed for autonomy and built to scale for automotive.

Swift offers both a positioning engine and corrections service making it easy for OEMs to integrate precise positioning into future fleets. The receiver-agnostic Starling positioning engine easily integrates with the automotive sensor suite and pulls corrections from Skylark—across the contiguous U.S. and across Europe—to deliver absolute positioning for safety-critical autonomous vehicle applications.


automotive integration
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    High levels of integrity are key to autonomous navigation. The Swift production solution delivers a Protection Level down to 1m and a Target Integrity Risk (TIR) down to 10-7 / hour to enable Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) confidence in the position and velocity solutions provided by the positioning system.

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    Architected for Automotive

    Swift designed its precise positioning production solution for OEM volume production. Starling is engineered to comply with the automotive industry functional-safety standard—according to ISO 26262 with ASIL B level—while Skylark supports NTRIP2 and SSR connections.

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    Fast Convergence

    Skylark reduces convergence times by offering a nationwide precise positioning service delivering accurate corrections to the vehicle in real-time. While the Starling positioning engine processes these corrections by combining satellite data and error correction data with the vehicle sensors to generate final position, velocity and time.


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    Absolute Positioning

    Absolute positioning is a key benefit to the autonomous vehicle sensor suite delivered from Swift’s precise positioning. Swift provides positioning in an Earth fixed datum delivering a common frame of reference to be used with precision maps and other vehicles, eliminating the requirement of constant map updates.


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    Mass Market Affordability

    Swift’s solutions have volume pricing in mind. Skylark is available at affordable, enterprise pricing while the receiver-agnostic Starling enhances the measurements of commercially available GNSS receivers. Skylark and Starling are available at a fraction of the cost of other ADAS sensors, making it the most affordable advanced sensor in an autonomous vehicle.


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    Swift’s precise positioning strengthens the autonomous sensor suite by delivering more accurate positioning, improving a vehicle’s ability to operate safely and accurately within the landscape of its local environment—especially as it relates to issues other sensors face. Swift delivers localization at the degree of accuracy today's autonomous vehicle manufacturers demand.

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    Easy Evaluation

    Swift offers a Starling evaluation platform to enable automotive customers the ability to easily evaluate the performance of the Starling positioning engine using corrections from the Skylark precise positioning service. This platform gives customers the flexibility to compare the impact on performance of different vendors’ GNSS and IMU components. CAN bus wheel odometry input allows more complex dead reckoning algorithms to be evaluated.

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    The accuracy provided by Swift’s precise position solution significantly improves the capability of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) applications by giving vehicles a highly accurate absolute position to inform their environment. This accuracy improves automotive safety applications and traffic management and enhances ADAS, collaborative maneuvering and autonomous driving.

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    Safety-Focused Solution

    Swift knows that safety is the main focus for automotive customers that’s why Swift has created a production solution that can determine accurate position, velocity and orientation with the ability to initialize and validate the estimates of other relative sensors to greatly improve the safety case for ADAS applications. 

Industry Recognized Innovator

Swift's precise positioning solution continues to garner industry attention as a leading innovator to deliver high-accuracy,
high-integrity to automotive and autonomous vehicle applications.

  • Automotive News PACEpilot Award

    Swift Navigation announces its precise positioning solution has been named a 2021 PACEpilot Innovation to Watch by Automotive News. The Automotive News PACEpilot award recognizes post-pilot, pre-commercial innovations in the automotive and future mobility space.

  • AutoTech Breakthrough Award

    Swift Navigation announces its precise positioning solution has been awarded "Navigation Technology Solution of the Year" by AutoTech Breakthrough Awards. Swift’s precise positioning solution consists of the receiver-agnostic Starling Positioning Engine and cloud-based corrections from Skylark Precise Positioning Service.

  • AutoSens Award

    Auto Sens Awards honours innovation throughout the vehicle perception industry and Swift Navigation's precise positioning solution, comprised of Skylark and Starling, earned a Silver recognition by AutoSens Awards for Most Innovate Autonomous Driving Platform.

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