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Swift Navigation offers a complete ecosystem of precise positioning solutions to deliver proven performance and high accuracy. 

Swift makes it easy to get started from comprehensive hardware evaluation kits, to the receiver-agnostic Starling® positioning engine, to the continental corrections delivered via the Skylark™ precise positioning service. Once you complete integration testing and prototyping, you can purchase additional GNSS modules and accessories from the Swift online store or contact us for volume pricing and Skylark subscriptions.


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Skylark is a wide area, cloud-based GNSS precise positioning service that delivers seamless, real-time, high-accuracy corrections to continents across the globe. Skylark uses leading-edge positioning algorithms to provide a continuous stream of multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS corrections. Built from the ground-up for autonomy at scale, Skylark enables lane-level positioning, fast convergence times and high integrity and availability required by autonomous vehicle, mobile and mass-market applications.



Platform and hardware independent, Starling is an advanced positioning engine that enhances the measurements from commercially available GNSS receivers to provide an accurate position, velocity and time solution, even in GNSS denied environments. Starling’s software enhances the measurements for Swift and third party GNSS receivers to provide true precision and integrity capabilities to a variety of automotive-grade and consumer-grade GNSS chips and comes pre-integrated into Swift’s full suite of hardware products.

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