In addition to making its Starling positioning engine receiver-agnostic and allowing devices of all kinds to connect to Skylark, Swift is proud to partner with industry leaders to help achieve its mission of enabling a future of autonomous vehicles to navigate and understand the world.

Swift is pleased to introduce you to some of its valued partners that are helping to make that mission a reality for autonomous applications around the globe.

  • Septentrio

    Septentrio is a manufacturer building multi-frequency, multi-constellation GPS/GNSS positioning technology for demanding applications. When combined with Skylark, it offers centimeter-level performance. Septentrio GNSS receiver modules integrate the latest generation of GNSS technology, delivering highly accurate and reliable positions with minimal power consumption, with the mosaic and AsterRx product families compatible with Skylark.

  • Arm

    Arm—a global leader in semiconductor IP—utilizes Starling to deliver a high-integrity, high-accuracy GNSS positioning solution enabling automotive OEMs, as well as Tier 1 and 2 auto suppliers, to integrate precise positioning into their sensor suite.

  • Broadcom

    Broadcom—a global technology leader—designs, develops and supplies a broad range of semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. Broadcom’s dual-frequency BCM47755 is available integrated with Swift’s Starling positioning engine.

  • Carnegie Robotics

    Carnegie Robotics—an industry leader in reliable robotic components and systems—partners with Swift to create the ruggedized Duro and Duro Inertial. Carnegie Robotics’ SmoothPose™ sensor fusion algorithm fuses GNSS and inertial measurements enabling dead reckoning capabilities.

  • Deutsche Telekom

    Telekom—one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies—brings Skylark™ Precise Positioning Service to Telekom’s comprehensive communications infrastructure via its new Precise Positioning product offering.

  • Dual Electronics

    Dual Electronics Corporation—a leading provider of GNSS receivers, audio systems, and electronic solutions for automotive, aviation and marine—is integrating Swift’s precise positioning technologies into Dual’s next generation portable receivers to enable a wide range of mobility solutions.

  • KDDI

    KDDI—an international telecommunications company on the forefront of using technology innovations to provide a high-quality and high-reliability network that meets the communication needs of its global customers.

  • Quectel

    Quectel—a leading global supplier of cellular and GNSS modules—is working with Swift to create an industry vision that supports 3GPP’s SSR standard to enable autonomous driving, mobile and IoT applications.

  • Savari

    Savari—an auto tech company and pioneer of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications technology for smart infrastructure—brings Swift's precise positioning solution to its V2X software stack for automotive OEMs and mobile operators.

  • STMicroelectronics

    STMicroelectronics—a global semiconductor leader—provides GNSS measurement engines and ASIL-rated processors for autonomous driving and high-accuracy GNSS solutions. ST has integrated Starling on the ST ASIL-rated Telemaco Platform for OEM applications.

  • Taoglas

    Taoglas is a leading provider of advanced technology for a smarter World. Our solutions include advanced components and technologies and help OEMs, enterprises, and communities to resolve the complexities of bringing digital transformation solutions to market quickly and cost effectively.