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Precise Location From Shipyard to Doorstep

Swift's Skylark Precise Positioning Service is a cloud-based GNSS corrections service that improves the accuracy of standard GNSS by up to 100x.

Precise Navigation

Maximum Precision

Up to 2 cm accuracy with fast convergence
Efficiency Gains

Mass Market Proven

Deployed in over 5M cars and trucks worldwide

Easy to Deploy

Interoperable with existing components
Logistics Last Mile Delivery

Swift for Last Mile Delivery

Route optimization

Plan routes around construction zones and avoid missed turns with lane-level navigation.

Accurate delivery

Optimize parking location for the shortest distance from vehicle to doorstep.

Autonomous delivery

Enable autonomous delivery robots and drones with safe and precise navigation.

Logistics Long Haul Trucking

Swift for Long Haul Trucking

ADAS & autonomy

Enable lane-level navigation for assisted and autonomous driving, even on feature-sparse roads where other sensors fail.

Uniform coverage country-wide

High accuracy positioning everywhere, with no dead zones between cities.

Logistics Yard Trucks & Containers

Swift for Yard Trucks & Containers

Autonomous yard trucks

Enable autonomous yard trucks to safely navigate shipping yards and move containers with precision.

Container management

Find the exact container you're looking for to avoid reshuffling inventory and increase efficiency.

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