About Us

Swift Navigation provides precise positioning solutions for automotive, autonomous vehicle, mobile and mass market applications.

Since its founding in 2012, Swift has evolved from creating the industry’s first low-cost, high-accuracy, real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS receiver to delivering an ecosystem of GNSS positioning solutions for autonomous applications.

Our Wings

Our determined founders first worked together developing airborne wind turbines—large rigid-wing kites that generate electricity from stronger, more consistent high-altitude winds. To guide these airborne turbines, they needed a highly accurate GPS system. When nothing on the market met their performance and cost requirements, they developed a low-cost RTK system, and Swift Navigation took off.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to build a safer and more efficient future by changing the way we navigate and understand every centimeter of our planet.

We’re Just Getting Started

Swift delivers safe and precise positioning to keep the autonomous vehicles of today—and the future—in their lane.

Swift continues to innovate with its ecosystem of precise positioning solutions for autonomous applications. We build on our foundation by offering a full suite of positioning solutions that are accurate, affordable and easily integrated while being reliable and secure for a variety of autonomous applications requiring precision positioning.

We value openness and participate in an open community, and when possible make our documentation, specifications, pricing and support available freely online.

Swift products are designed and assembled in California, USA and benefit thousands of customers across the globe.