Swift Navigation offers the products that deliver the centimeter-level accuracy that your innovative robotics application requires. In addition to its high-precision accuracy, Piksi Multi has an open, software-based RTK solution and Duro utilizes Piksi Multi within a rugged enclosure to protect against the elements. Swift products enable new possibilities and cost-effective development for use in everything from standalone autonomous devices and machines to embedded navigation in sensor networks or larger navigation platforms.

  • Flexibility Across Environments

    Swift’s RTK solutions can be applied across broad vertical applications and physical environments. Customers in academic, robotics, agriculture and automotive industries can use Piksi Multi and Duro for projects ranging from R&D to optimizing autonomous vehicle sensors to automating routine processes via robotic vehicle control.

  • Driving Innovation

    Swift Navigation was built on the foundation of openness allowing customers to easily tailor and adapt features to unique project requirements. Whether using Piksi Multi’s on-board IMU to output raw data and its Linux based core for custom software development or utilizing Duro being ready right out of the box, Swift provides frequent firmware releases so customers can customize products to the particular demands of applications and speed overall system integration.

  • Optimize Vehicle Control

    Piksi Multi’s dual-frequency RTK GPS provides centimeter-accurate results. This accuracy ensures project success for a broad range of field conditions including, but not limited to, automated mowers, landscaping, course and field maintenance, unmanned aquatic vehicles and construction vehicle monitoring.