Skylark Precise Positioning Service

Skylark delivers seamless, precise positioning to autonomous vehicle, mobile and mass-market applications across continents via a cloud-based corrections service.

Skylark is a wide area, cloud-based GNSS corrections service that delivers real-time, high-precision positioning. Skylark uses cutting-edge positioning algorithms to provide a continuous stream of multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS corrections. This highly available service combines lane-level accuracy and world-class integrity at a continental scale. Skylark is hardware-agnostic, giving customers choice in today’s rapidly improving and affordable GNSS sensor ecosystem. OEMs are able to benefit from the lane-level positioning Skylark delivers using a host of third-party receivers and microprocessors.

Coverage Across Continents

Skylark Coverage Map

Skylark delivers seamless corrections to continents across the globe—currently available in:

United States | Europe | South Korea | Japan | Taiwan | Australia

Skylark is an ever-expanding service and is scalable to service millions of users. 


Try Skylark Today

Skylark packages the science of precise positioning as an affordable subscription service for ease in deployment for autonomous vehicles, mobile devices and mass-market applications. A Skylark 6-month license is included in the price of Swift’s hardware solutions in available geographies.

Swift offers an Integrity solution for applications requiring high integrity positioning. Contact Swift to learn more.

Simple and Easy to Use
Fast Time-to-Market
Corrections Distribution

Directly Through Skylark or
Indirectly Through Customer Backend 1

Supported GNSS Signals

Galileo E1, E5b, E5a
BeiDou B1i, B2a

Supported Swift Clients

Starling Positioning Engine
Piksi Multi GNSS Receiver
Duro GNSS Receiver
Duro Inertial GNSS Receiver
PGM Evaluation Kit

Supported 3rd-Party Clients

3rd Party RTK Receivers 


4 cm 2

Corrections Availability

99.9% Minimum


Protection Level of 1 m and TIR of 10-7 Failures / Hour 3

Convergence Times to Sub-Meter Accuracy

5 s to 25 cm Accuracy 3


NTRIP 1.0 / 2.0

Data Formats

RTCM 3.1 & 3.2 (OSR)

1 For customers wanting to distribute Skylark corrections through their backend, please contact sales at to learn more.
Actual system performance may vary, dependent but not limited to: use-case dynamics, receiver and antenna characteristics, location of operation. 4 cm 50% accuracy measured over 24 hours stationary.
3 When used with Starling positioning engine.
Third-party client support is coming soon for SSR.

  • skylark 1

    High Accuracy

    4 cm accuracy delivers the performance autonomous vehicles require, enabling ADAS, V2X and Autonomous Driving use cases that require lane-level positioning.2

  • skylark 2

    Fast Convergence

    Skylark reduces initialization times to seconds, ensuring high-accuracy—and high-integrity—positioning is available when you need it.

  • skylark 3

    Enterprise Grade

    Skylark is designed for large scale deployments in mass market applications. It supports state-of-the-art security and enterprise management features so you can integrate tightly with your existing infrastructure.

  • skylark 4

    Seamless Coverage

    Skylark provides seamless coverage across continents. Skylark processes positioning observations in the cloud and eliminates dependencies on baseline length and negates concerns about base station switching.

  • skylark 5


    Skylark is a scalable, secure and highly available cloud service delivering a continuous stream of real-time corrections. Skylark supports State Space Representation (SSR) formats for broadcast to millions of devices. NTRIP and RTCM are also supported for compatibility with existing equipment.

  • skylark 6


    Skylark is designed for the most demanding safety-of-life critical applications. When used with Swift’s Starling positioning engine, Skylark is capable of delivering Protection Levels (PL) down to
    1 m and Target Integrity Risk (TIR) down to 10-7 / hour. Skylark supports automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 (ASIL B).





Last Mile

Last Mile





Skylark Cross-Continental Drive Test Results

The Swift test team drove across the country—and back—to demonstrate the true nationwide lane-level GNSS correction coverage of the Skylark precise positioning service.

Swift Makes It Easy to Get Started with Skylark

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Then, connect with your choice of Skylark compatible hardware. >

Questions? Contact Swift.

Swift Precision GNSS Module

Swift Navigation’s Precision GNSS Module (PGM) provides a convenient, low friction, fast time-to-market receiver in an industry standard mPCIe format. Swift’s PGM utilizes the STMicroelectronics TeseoV chipset in a Quectel LG69T-AP module and is designed specifically for Swift’s Starling positioning engine. PGM is ideal for customers building industrial, last mile, micromobility and IoT platforms.

Swift PGM Evaluation Platform

Swift Navigation’s Precision GNSS Module (PGM) Evaluation Kit—featuring Swift’s PCIe format PGM receiver installed in an IoT compute platform—provides a platform to easily evaluate Swift’s end-to-end precision positioning solution. Swift’s PGM utilizes the STMicroelectronics TeseoV chipset in a Quectel LG69T-AP module and is designed specifically for Swift’s Starling positioning engine.

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