Skylark Precise Positioning Service

Skylark is a wide area, cloud-based GNSS corrections service available in a suite of options

  • Centimeter-Level Accuracy
    2cm, 95% with RTK
  • Continent-Wide Coverage
    Full coverage across the US, Europe, Japan and Korea
  • Best-in-Class Availability
    With a minimum 99.9% uptime

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  • Mobile 3

    Skylark DGNSS

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    • Sub-Meter Accuracy

    • Supports a Wide Range of GNSS Receivers

    • Scalable to Support Billions of Devices

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    • 10cm Lane-Level Accuracy

    • Continent-Wide Coverage

    • Safety-of-Life Integrity Option

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    Skylark RTK

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    • 2cm Integer Fixed RTK Performance

    • Broad RTK Receiver Compatibility

    • Sub 15 Second Time to First Fix

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Accuracy Across Industries

Skylark is available in the format that works best for your application. No matter your industry, there is a Skylark that can deliver accurate location to your autonomous vehicles, mobile devices and mass-market applications. 

Skylark is also available as an Integrity solution for applications requiring high-integrity positioning. Contact Swift to learn more.







Last Mile

Last Mile



Coverage Across Continents

Coverage Map


Skylark Options

Skylark is available in a variety of formats to meet the specific needs and requirements of your application. Skylark is an ever-expanding service and is scalable to service billions of users. 






Enhancing Applications

Skylark DGNSS delivers high-precision location data to increase productivity of modern corporate and consumer applications, specifically mobile handsets and Internet of Things (IoT). Improving accuracy enables customers to benefit from improved mapping, targeted advertising and other location-based services (LBS) without requiring changes to the existing hardware, code base or installed application.


The DGNSS Difference

Skylark DGNSS is ideal for small, battery powered devices with size constrained antennas. It offers a low power, lightweight method to improve accuracy and is not dependent on continuous, strong carrier phase signal tracking. Skylark DGNSS offers a substantially reduced data receipt and processing burden on the system compared to RTK.


Easily Integrated

Corrections from Skylark DGNSS are easily integrated into your current platform and have been tested and validated with industry-leading platforms featuring integrated positioning engines. Skylark DGNSS offers a portable client library for integration into the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) domain and provides DGNSS MSM1 corrections in RTCM format.


skylark 1

Lane-Level Accuracy

Skylark delivers the high-accuracy performance that autonomous vehicles require, enabling ADAS, V2X and Autonomous Driving use cases that require lane-level positioning. Swift’s accuracy enables a vehicle to determine accurate position, velocity and orientation, enabling the system to initialize and validate the estimates.

skylark 6


Skylark is available with an integrity option for the most demanding safety-of-life critical applications. When used with Swift’s Starling positioning engine, Skylark is capable of delivering Protection Levels (PL) down to 1.5 m and Target Integrity Risk (TIR) down to 10-7 / hour. Skylark supports automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 (ASIL B).

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Seamless Corrections

Skylark provides seamless coverage across the globe—currently available in the United States, Europe, South Korea, Japan and Australia. Skylark processes positioning observations in the cloud, eliminates dependencies on baseline length and negates concerns about base station switching.



Highest Performance

Skylark RTK provides an integer-fixed RTK solution that delivers accuracy levels down to two centimeters, for optimal performance applications like agriculture GNSS-assisted steering systems, robotic and other machine-control applications.


Leverage Swift’s Network

Traditional single-base RTK solutions rely on one reference station to deliver positioning corrections for applications. Skylark RTK leverages observations from hundreds of GNSS reference stations across continents to calculate and deliver the highest-accuracy RTK solution—via the cloud—to your devices in your operating location.


Instant Access

Skylark RTK provides instant access to RTK corrections and eliminates the need for any local base station setup. All that is required is a cellular modem to access the Skylark RTK cloud-based correction service. Simply sign-up online, activate your account and start receiving Skylark corrections over the Internet via NTRIP protocol.

Swift Makes It Easy to Get Started with Skylark

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Swift Precision GNSS Module

Swift Navigation’s Precision GNSS Module (PGM) provides a convenient, low friction, fast time-to-market receiver in an industry standard mPCIe format. Swift’s PGM utilizes the STMicroelectronics TeseoV chipset in a Quectel LG69T-AP module and is designed specifically for Swift’s Starling positioning engine. PGM is ideal for customers building industrial, last mile, micromobility and IoT platforms.

Swift PGM Evaluation Platform

Swift Navigation’s Precision GNSS Module (PGM) Evaluation Kit—featuring Swift’s PCIe format PGM receiver installed in an IoT compute platform—provides a platform to easily evaluate Swift’s end-to-end precision positioning solution. Swift’s PGM utilizes the STMicroelectronics TeseoV chipset in a Quectel LG69T-AP module and is designed specifically for Swift’s Starling positioning engine.

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