Skylark Cloud Corrections Service


Skylark delivers lane-level positioning to autonomous vehicles nationwide via a cloud-based corrections service.

Skylark’s cutting-edge positioning algorithms provide a continuous stream of multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS corrections for a highly available service that combines lane-level accuracy and world-class integrity at a continental scale. Skylark is hardware-independent, giving customers choice in today’s rapidly improving and affordable GNSS sensor ecosystem. OEMs are able to benefit from the lane-level positioning Skylark delivers using a host of third-party receivers and microprocessors in addition to Swift’s Piksi Multi and Duro GNSS receivers.

  • Nationwide Coverage

    Skylark’s contiguous United States (CONUS) and German coverage is now fully operational, with plans to expand across Europe and Asia.

  • High Accuracy

    10 cm accuracy delivers the performance autonomous vehicles require, enabling ADAS, V2X and Autonomous Driving use cases that require lane-level positioning.*

  • Fast Convergence

    Skylark reduces initialization times to seconds, ensuring high-accuracy—and high-integrity—positioning is available when you need it.

  • Integrity

    Skylark is designed for the most demanding safety-of-life critical applications. When used with Swift’s Starling positioning engine, Skylark is capable of delivering Protection Levels (PL) down to
    1 m and Target Integrity Risk (TIR) down to 10-7 / hour. Skylark supports automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 (ASIL B).

  • Cloud Corrections

    Skylark is a scalable, secure and highly available cloud service delivering a continuous stream of real-time corrections. Skylark supports State Space Representation (SSR) formats for broadcast to millions of devices. Ntrip and RTCM are also supported for compatibility with existing equipment.

  • Enterprise Grade

    Skylark is designed for large scale deployments in mass market applications. It supports state-of-the-art security and enterprise management features so you can integrate tightly with your existing infrastructure.

The test route driven to generate the performance results shown.

2D Error Plot

CDF chart plots including the max error.

2D Error Bar Graph

Bar chart indicates positioning accuracy versus ground truth at varying percentage levels.

  • Skylark for Automotive

    Production Solution for Lane-Level Positioning

    Skylark was built specifically to deliver the accuracy, integrity and reliability demanded by automotive manufacturers. Skylark is designed for safety critical Autonomous, ADAS and V2X applications and architected to support ASIL-rated systems.

  • Skylark for Rail

    Track Determination & Precise Car Location for PTC

    Skylark supports Positive Train Control (PTC), railway operations and fleet positioning by providing high-integrity, real-time localization over an area that seamlessly spans a nation. Precision GNSS location you can trust provides an alternative to traditional balises, increasing efficiency and safety while lowering cost.

  • Skylark for Agriculture

    Repeatable, Reliable Pass-to-Pass Performance

    Affordable and reliable, Skylark delivers precision corrections via the cloud to enable many auto-steering applications such as autonomous tilling, spraying, planting and harvesting at a fraction of the cost of traditional PPP or RTK networks. Skylark supports industry standard RTCM and Ntrip protocols for use with existing rover equipment.

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*Actual system performance may vary, dependent but not limited to: use-case dynamics, receiver and antenna characteristics. 10 cm 50% accuracy measured over 24 hours stationary.