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Commercial Transport

Swift Navigation offers a proven solution that brings  highly-accurate, highly-reliable precise positioning to commercial transport, long-haul trucking, fleet operators, OEMs and last-mile delivery companies. 

Swift’s precision GNSS solutions improve the operational efficiency of commercial transport companies. The Starling positioning engine enhances the measurements of commercially available GNSS receivers and when paired with the nationwide Skylark precise positioning service, allows fleet managers to optimize delivery routes, minimize fuel and operational costs and helps risk managers reduce fleet liability when accidents occur. 

Commercial Transport Integration
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    Reduce Liability

    The accuracy of Swift’s positioning solution makes it possible to add centimeter-level positioning to forensic evidence provided by video-based safety systems after an accident occurs. Fleets benefit from reduced judgments and settlement costs by presenting accurate proof to defeat aggressive contingency plaintiffs’ attorneys while lowering risk of potential lawsuits and reduced insurance premiums.

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    Data Proven Solution

    Benefit from fleet driving data that is not just reliable and accurate but also secure. Swift understands how important it is to securely manage—and consume—the acquisition, storage, preparation, delivery and visualization of location data. Making it possible for fleet managers to consume location data and ultimately improve operations and reduce infrastructure costs.

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    Future Proof Operations

    Swift’s precise positioning solution of today is designed to make future use cases possible. Whether autonomous solutions or vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, your fleets will be ready for technological advances that may be required down the road. Upgrades are easily implemented through firmware updates to Swift’s Starling positioning engine. 

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    Route Optimization

    The accuracy that comes from Swift’s precise positioning solution ensures drivers are in the proper lane in advance of turns, that they are directed not only to the proper delivery address but to the proper location at the building to most efficiently make their deliveries. The ability to create organizational learnings from the drive history of optimal routes saves valuable time and costs. 

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    Fleet Management

    Swift’s high-accuracy positioning solutions enable key fleet management capabilities such as lane-level analytics, route optimization and accurate traffic flow analytics to improve operational efficiency. Connecting your fleet to the nationwide Skylark cloud corrections service delivers reliable, accurate positioning that provides business intelligence to improve operations and reduce infrastructure costs.

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    Easy Integration

    Swift’s precise positioning solution is easily integrated into your existing fleet without requiring significant hardware changes. PGM offers easy evaluation in an end-to-end solution. Skylark delivers accurate positioning to your fleet seamlessly across continents. Starling’s software is platform-independent and enhances the measurements for commercially available GNSS receivers.

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    Navigating Urban Canyons

    Swift’s solutions support the integration of vehicle sensors and inertial sensors to provide accurate positioning in areas that are typically GNSS-challenged like urban canyons and dense cities. High-accuracy positioning provides real-time tracking information to help optimize routes, crowd-source information to avoid traffic delays and better plan delivery routes in congested areas.

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    Cost Effective

    Swift's subscription model dramatically saves on infrastructure costs while Swift's GNSS products offer a variety of flexible integration options. From GNSS receivers to the receiver-agnostic Starling positioning engine that works with a variety of automotive-grade GNSS chipsets and inertial sensors, Swift makes centimeter-level GNSS accuracy a possibility without the cost of all new equipment.

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    Emerging Modes of Transport

    The efficiencies of Swift’s precise positioning solution have benefits beyond traditional and autonomous long-haul trucks and light commercial vehicles. This precision benefits delivery robots, delivery and e-bikes, gig delivery drivers using mobile apps and trucks utilizing platooning technology.

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