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Case Studies

See how innovative companies are using Swift's precise positioning in a variety of applications around the world

  • Case Study: Deutsche Telekom Lays Fiber Safely and Quickly With Swift

    Deutsche Telekom is using Skylark to increase efficiency and improve safety as they roll out fiber optic cable throughout Germany. With Skylark, Deutsche Telekom can precisely map trenches and avoid buried power lines without the need for licensed surveyors.

  • Accuracy Unlocked: AI.Land (Autonomous Field Service Robots)

    This case study looks at how AI-Land's autonomous field robot, ETAROB, aims to decrease monotonous and physically demanding fieldwork in the agricultural sector with automation and integrated digitization.

  • Accuracy Unlocked: Angsa Robotics (Autonomous Trash Picking Robots)

    This case study explores how Angsa Robotics specializes in the development and deployment of autonomous trash picking robots that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) for trash detection and sensors for navigation.

  • Accuracy Unlocked: AuveTech (Autonomous Transportation Systems)

    This case study reviews how AuveTech is building a flexible, last-mile transportation ecosystem with autonomous shuttles and utilizes high-precision GNSS to improve its autonomous mobility system.

  • Accuracy Unlocked: Capra Robotics (Autonomous Cigarette Butt Removal)

    This case study examines how Capra Robotics uses high-precision navigation to ensure autonomous robots can navigate and remove cigarette butts from hard to access areas like grass or gravel.

  • Accuracy Unlocked: Kingdom Technologies (Autonomous Robotic Lawn Mower)

    This case study features Kingdom Technologies large terrain, autonomous robotic lawnmowers and the impact of precise positioning on its performance following a designated path and analyzing docking features.

  • Accuracy Unlocked: KNOT (eScooter Platform)

    This study demonstrates how the integration of high-accuracy GNSS positioning improved route mapping for KNOT’s eScooter users and builds on improving rider experience for micromobility users across cities.

  • Accuracy Unlocked: Level Five Supplies (Autonomous Delivery Robots)

    This case study looks at how Level Five Supplies is utilizing precise positioning to improve the navigation and accuracy of delivery robots and making them capable of navigating pavements and avoiding obstacles.

  • Accuracy Unlocked: PANTOhealth (Predictive Maintenance of Railway Infrastructure)

    This case study explores how PANTOhealth utilizes accurate position data to reliably distinguish problematic data points on railways and schedule locations requiring infrastructure maintenance and optimization.

  • Accuracy Unlocked: Smartmoov (Driving Monitoring Solutions)

    This case study examines how Smartmoov uses high-precision location data and positioning information to provide detailed analysis of driving skills to give driving schools the information needed to evaluate and produce responsible drivers.

  • Accuracy Unlocked: SolarCleano (Autonomous Solar Panel Cleaning Robots)

    This case study features SolarCleano and its use of precise positioning to accurately detect edge positioning while autonomously cleaning solar panels and aids movement of the robots from one panel to another.

  • Accuracy Unlocked: Zeus Scooters (Electric Scooter Sharing Provider)

    This case study explores how Zeus Scooters uses the accuracy of precise positioning to monitor driver behavior, ensuring that the vehicle is used where intended and parked correctly at the end of a session.

  • Event 38 Unmanned Systems (Surveying)

    This case study shows how Event 38 Unmanned Systems produces extremely accurate orthomosaics and benefits from the fast convergences times of the Piksi Multi multi-band GNSS receiver.

  • KARI (UAV)

    This case study highlights how the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) utilizes the Piksi Multi RTK GNSS receiver to create synchronized drone swarm flight for choreographed aerial maneuvers.

  • Left Hand Robotics (Robotics)

    This case study looks at how Left Hand Robotics is using Piksi Multi and Duro in its SnowBot Pro that autonomously clears snow from sidewalks and outdoor walkways.

  • mSolution (Real-Time Monitoring)

    This case study explains how mSolution utilizes the Piksi Multi RTK GNSS receiver to determine the accurate altitude of construction machinery in Hong Kong to keep aircraft safe.

  • Northstar Robotics (Agriculture)

    This case study explores how Northstar Robotics is using Piksi Multi to create and retrofit agricultural and horticultural equipment to give it autonomous capabilities, meeting the needs of today's farmers.

  • Prairie Robotics (Agriculture)

    This case study explains how Prairie Robotics utilized the Piksi Multi RTK GNSS receiver in its autonomous SprayBot to win the AgBot Challenge two years in a row.

  • Skycatch (UAV)

    This case study showcases how Skycatch utilizes the Piksi Multi RTK GNSS receiver to enable its customers to gather centimeter-level accurate data across job sites using UAVs.

  • Technical University of Denmark (Automotive)

    This case study looks at how the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Roadrunners integrated the Piksi Multi RTK GNSS receiver into their autonomous concept car at this year's Shell Eco-marathon Europe.

  • University of Southampton, Glacsweb (Glacier Tracking)

    This case study reviews how the University of Southampton utilizes the Piksi Multi RTK GNSS receiver for studying glacier behavior and its impact on climate change and sea level rise as part of their Glacsweb Project.

  • Voyage (Automotive)

    This case study highlights how Voyage delivers self-driving technology to its communities utilizing the Skylark Cloud Corrections Service and Piksi Multi RTK GNSS receiver.

  • Yeti Snow Technology (Snow Removal)

    This case study demonstrates how Yeti Snow Technology, a joint venture between Øveraasen and Semcon, utilizes Piksi Multi and Duro for autonomous snow removal.