Our Team

  • Fergus Noble
    Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer
  • Colin Beighley
    Co-Founder & Director of Hardware Engineering
  • Timothy Harris
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Gareth McMullin
    Staff Embedded Engineer
  • Mark Fine
    Principal Localization Engineer
  • Dennis Zollo
    Staff Product Engineer
  • Diana Schlosser
    Executive Vice President of Marketing & People
  • Alex Kleeman
    Staff Localization Engineer
  • Leith Bade
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Amanda Brodbaek
    Director of Marketing
  • Josh Kretzmer
    Staff QA Engineer
  • Stefan Witanis
    Principal Applications Engineer
  • Anthony Cole Ph.D.
    Executive Vice President of Engineering
  • Ben Hsu
    Senior Director, Operations
  • Sébastien Carcanague Ph.D.
    Director of Positioning
  • Lance Andre
    Director of Geomatics
  • Grant Hausler Ph.D.
    Manager, Swift Australia and Standards Lead
  • Paul Grgich Ph.D.
    Staff Localization Engineer
  • David Fischer
    Manager, Automotive Business Development
  • Etienne Bethon
    Manager of Applications Engineering
  • Peter Guzman-Garcia
    Channel Sales Manager
  • Jason Mobarak
    Principal Firmware Engineer
  • Jared Wilson
    Staff QA Engineer
  • Kali Kirschman
    Executive Assistant
  • Darren Luisi
    Senior Test Technician
  • Colin Maisonpierre
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Joel Gibson
    Executive Vice President of Automotive
  • Ben Altieri
    Manager, Firmware
  • Eliana Crawford
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Mike McDonald
    Technical Operations Lead
  • Seth Toplosky
    Senior Localization Engineer
  • Joel Graves
    Field Technician
  • Guillaume Decerprit Ph.D.
    Staff Localization Engineer
  • Lloyd Maza
    Senior Localization Engineer
  • Michelle Dinan
    Network Operations Program Manager
  • Klaus Schniedergers
    Senior Manager, Cloud Engineering
  • Patrick Taylor
    IT Manager
  • Valerie Michel
    Network Development Program Manager
  • David Huntingford
    Staff Product Manager
  • Denis Ng
    Senior Factory Test Engineer
  • Joshua Stubbs
    Senior QA Engineer
  • Acer Wang
    Electrical Engineer
  • Scott Steinberg
    Director of Customer Program & Quality Management
  • Vuan Gomillia
    Operations Manager
  • Johnnie Snider
    Field Technician
  • Eric Senant
    Staff GNSS Systems Engineer
  • Jeffery Wilson
    Principal Applications Engineer
  • Lizz Guitierrez
    Administrative Assistant, Engineering
  • Chetana Yogeesh
    Analytics Data Engineer
  • Sara Sambi
    Senior Localization Engineer
  • Jesse Olsen
    QA Engineer
  • Joseph Angelo
    Staff Software Engineer
  • Matthew Woodward
    Staff Software Engineer
  • Anil Goparaju
    Director of System Test
  • Larry Chang
    Technical Program Manager - Automotive
  • Michael Horne
    Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales
  • Kim Albertario
    Director of People Operations
  • Hector Rivas
    Engineering Quality Manager
  • Daniel Burr
    Staff Software Engineer
  • D.K. Sappington
    Director of Business Development
  • Nejla Mahjoub
    Senior Technical Program Manager
  • Christian Reimer
    Staff Software Engineer
  • Jake Thystrup
    Electrical Engineer
  • Chris Wallop
    Senior Software Account Executive
  • Fred Imamura
    Region Manager, Asia Pacific
  • Lay Kuan Loh
    Senior Localization Engineer
  • Vlad Duta
    Staff Software Engineer
  • Jim Thomas
    Senior Sales Account Executive
  • Olivier Pasco
    Principal Applications Engineer
  • Richard Deurloo, Ph.D.
    Staff Sensor Fusion Engineer
  • Beth Goldberg
    Staff Systems Test Engineer
  • Ran Shenhar
    Business Development Manager, Silicon Ecosystem
  • Debashis Chowdhury
    Functional Safety Manager
  • Mike Johnson
    Customer Program Manager
  • Tao Li Ph.D.
    Staff GNSS Software Engineer
  • Brian Grove
    Automotive Customer Program Manager
  • Eric Zhou
    GIS Analyst
  • Alan Liu
    Product Manager
  • Jane Perera Ph.D.
    Vice President of Software Engineering