Our Team

  • Fergus Noble
    Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer
  • Colin Beighley
  • Timothy Harris
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrew Shannon
    Operations Manager
  • Bhaskar Mookerji
    Software Engineer
  • Gareth McMullin
    Electronics & Firmware Engineer
  • Jas Condley
    Hardware Engineer
  • Mark Fine
    Software Engineer
  • Dennis Zollo
    Applications Engineer
  • Rob Hranac
    Vice President of Business Development
  • Ashley Cookerly
    Office Manager
  • Diana Helfrich Schlosser
    Vice President of Marketing
  • Ben Segal
    GNSS Software Engineer
  • Johannes Walter
    FPGA Engineer
  • Jacob McNamee
    Embedded Engineer
  • Joshua Gross
    Software Engineer
  • Alex Kleeman
    Estimation Engineer
  • Leith Bade
    Firmware Engineer
  • Justin Weeks
    Business Intelligence Manager
  • Akshay Bandiwdekar
    Product Manager
  • Amanda Brodbaek
    Director of Marketing
  • Matt Peddie
    Estimation Engineer
  • Yuanyu Chen
    Hardware Engineer
  • Jonathan Diamond
    Embedded Hardware Engineer
  • Josh Kretzmer
    Applications Engineer
  • Margaret Sy
    Software Engineer
  • Stefan Witanis
    Applications Engineer
  • Anthony Cole
    Senior Estimation Engineer
  • Prasenjit Sengupta
    Staff Engineer
  • Zaka Ashraf
    Vice President of Engineering
  • Ben Hsu
    Director of Hardware Operations
  • Dan Cookro
    Director of Sales
  • Rachel Schmalzried
    Customer Success Manager
  • S├ębastien Carcanague
    Estimation Engineer
  • Jenny Dormoy
    Senior Director, Dev Ops
  • Grant Hausler
    Product Manager
  • Michele Bavaro
    Navigation Engineer