Our Team

  • Fergus Noble
    Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer
  • Colin Beighley
    Co-Founder & Director of Hardware Engineering
  • Timothy Harris
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrew Shannon
    Operations Manager
  • Gareth McMullin
    Electronics & Firmware Engineer
  • Mark Fine
    Software Engineer
  • Dennis Zollo
    Product Engineer
  • Rob Hranac
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Diana Schlosser
    Executive Vice President of Marketing
  • Ben Segal
    Engineering Manager
  • Alex Kleeman
    Estimation Engineer
  • Leith Bade
    Cloud Engineer
  • Amanda Brodbaek
    Director of Marketing
  • Jonathan Diamond
    System Test Lead
  • Josh Kretzmer
    Applications Engineer
  • Stefan Witanis
    Applications Engineer
  • Anthony Cole Ph.D.
    Director of Measurement & Positioning
  • Ben Hsu
    Director of Hardware Operations
  • Dan Cookro
    Director of Sales
  • S├ębastien Carcanague Ph.D.
    Positioning Engine Manager
  • Jenny Dormoy
    Head of Engineering Operations
  • Lance Andre
    Director of Geomatics
  • Grant Hausler Ph.D.
    Product Manager
  • Michele Bavaro
    Navigation Engineer
  • James Murphy
    Senior Sales Executive
  • Paul Grgich Ph.D.
    GNSS Estimation Engineer
  • Ming Zhu
    Sales Executive, China & India
  • Niels Joubert Ph.D.
    Software Engineer
  • David Fischer
    Sales Executive
  • Etienne Bethon
    Applications Engineering Manager
  • Peter Guzman-Garcia
    Sales Operations Manager
  • Sergio Rossel
    Applications Engineer
  • Jason Mobarak
    Software Engineer
  • Jared Wilson
    GNSS Test Engineer
  • Kevin Dade
    Estimation Engineer
  • Michael Declerck
    Director of Cloud Services
  • Kali Kirschman
    Executive Assistant
  • Darren Luisi
    GNSS Test Technician
  • Colin Maisonpierre
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Joel Gibson
    Executive Vice President of Automotive
  • Nicole Kelley Ph.D.
    Technical Program Manager
  • Ben Altieri
    Engineering Manager
  • Shawn Mueller
    Technical Program Manager
  • Rastislav Komara
    Cloud Services Engineer
  • Eliana Crawford
    Front End Engineer
  • Samir Kapoor Ph.D.
    Executive Vice President of Engineering and Product
  • Mary Mauck
    Director of People
  • Mike McDonald
    Field Technician
  • Seth Toplosky
    Estimation Engineer
  • Jeff Herrington
    Sales Account Executive
  • Rambabu Nalluri
    QA Engineer
  • Alex Pun
    Product Manager
  • Stewart Birnam
    Senior Cloud Engineer
  • Guillaume Decerprit Ph.D.
    Estimation Engineer & Data Science
  • David Feng
    Field Technician/Applications Engineer
  • Lloyd Maza
    Estimation Engineer
  • Martin Stiaszny
    Senior C++ Engineer
  • Arunabh Chattopadhyay
    Estimation Engineer
  • Michelle Dinan
    Network Operations Program Manager
  • Serena Duggal
    People Operations Coordinator
  • Klaus Schniedergers
    Build Release Engineer
  • Yi Yang
    Senior C++ Engineer
  • Daniel Graifman
    Business Development Manager
  • Sarika Nagaraj
    Satellite Navigations Applications Engineer
  • Patrick Taylor
    IT Manager
  • David Huntingford
    Distribution Sales Manager
  • Eric Kalosa-Kenyon
    Data Engineer
  • Shyam Thillainathan
    Senior Electrical Engineer
  • Joshua Stubbs
    GNSS Receiver QA Engineer
  • Acer Wang
    Electrical Engineer
  • Eric Senant
    Measurement Engine Engineer
  • Michael Wurm
    FPGA Engineer