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Improve unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and terrestrial survey operations with Piksi Multi.

In addition to being accurate and affordable, the multi-band, multi-constellation Piksi Multi allows for longer baselines and is capable of logging raw dual-frequency carrier phase data to improve post process kinematics.

UAS Integration
  • UAS 1

    Improve Performance

    Swift's next-generation Piksi Multi RTK GNSS technology can be used with existing base stations to avoid having to purchase new ground systems, while access to multi constellations creates a more reliable signal for performance in mixed environments. Piksi Multi improves the precision of survey results and can reduce overlap and sidelap, thereby increasing the survey area during a given flight.

  • UAS 2

    Affordable Accuracy

    Piksi Multi is a highly-accurate RTK GNSS receiver available at an affordable price. Obtain centimeter-level accurate results for your UAS or terrestrial survey project, whether for surveying, industrial inspections, construction, real estate or precision agriculture. Its low price makes it the ideal solution for large-scale deployments.

  • UAS 3

    Enhance Output Quality

    High-precision RTK GNSS technology increases the quality of final orthomosaics. Imagery stitching is exponentially more precise with centimeter-level accurate output. Customers are also able to tailor and adapt features to their unique requirements. With an IMU on-board, Piksi Multi can output raw data and its Linux based core allows for custom software development for a variety of applications.

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