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Swift brings together an ecosystem of industry-leading companies across the technology stack. 

Here are some of the valued partners currently working alongside us:

Chipset manufacturers

These partners integrate Swift’s technology alongside the GNSS measurement engine directly at the semiconductor level. 

  • Arm

    Arm—a global leader in semiconductor IP—utilizes Starling to deliver a high-integrity, high-accuracy GNSS positioning solution enabling automotive OEMs, as well as Tier 1 and 2 auto suppliers, to integrate precise positioning into their sensor suite.

  • Broadcom

    Broadcom—a global technology leader—designs, develops and supplies a broad range of semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. Broadcom’s dual-frequency BCM47 chipsets are compatible with Skylark Dx and carrier phase corrections.

  • STMicroelectronics

    STMicroelectronics—a global semiconductor leader—provides GNSS measurement engines and ASIL-rated processors for autonomous driving and high-accuracy GNSS solutions. ST has integrated Starling on the ST ASIL-rated Telemaco Platform for OEM applications. Starling is compatible with the TeseoIII, TeseoV, TeseoAPP, and TeseoVI chipsets. Together with Skylark, Starling and TeseoAPP form a complete solution for safe automotive positioning.

Module manufacturers

These partners build all-in-one Skylark-compatible GNSS receivers in easy-to-integrate form factors and add features such as Firmware Over The Air (FOTA), device management, and interoperability with telecommunications services.

  • Quectel

    Quectel—a leading global supplier of cellular and GNSS modules—is working with Swift to create an industry vision that supports 3GPP’s SSR standard to enable autonomous driving, mobile and IoT applications.

  • Septentrio

    Septentrio—a manufacturer building multi-frequency, multi-constellation GPS/GNSS positioning technology for demanding applications—has integrated Skylark in its modules to offer centimeter-level performance. Septentrio GNSS receiver modules integrate the latest generation of GNSS technology, delivering highly accurate and reliable positions with minimal power consumption, with the mosaic and AsterRx product families compatible with Skylark.

  • Telit Cinterion

    Telit Cinterion is a global end-to-end IoT solutions enabler providing complete solutions based on cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and GNSS technology that reduce time to market and costs, delivering custom designed, ready for market connected devices. Telit Cinterion's suite of best-in-class GNSS receivers are compatible with Skylark, enabling precise positioning into IoT, mobile, and wearable devices while minimizing power consumption, processing loads, and data transmissions.

  • Unicore Communications

    Unicore develop highly sophisticated GNSS IC products, integrating high-performance satellite positioning and multi-sensor fusion algorithm technology. Unicore’s suite of modules, using Skylark, offer flexible and affordable options to customers enabling precise positioning across all verticals.

System integrators

These partners manufacture devices ready for mass deployment and serving specific use cases, seamlessly integrating Swift’s precise positioning service with all components of the technology stack.

  • Carnegie Robotics

    Carnegie Robotics—an industry leader in reliable robotic components and systems—has partnered with Swift to create the ruggedized Duro and Duro Inertial. Carnegie Robotics’ SmoothPose sensor fusion algorithm fuses GNSS and inertial measurements enabling dead reckoning capabilities.

  • Dual Electronics

    Dual Electronics Corporation—a leading provider of GNSS receivers, audio systems, and electronic solutions for automotive, aviation and marine—is integrating Swift’s precise positioning technologies into Dual’s next generation portable receivers to enable a wide range of mobility solutions.

  • Emlid

    Emlid makes high precision RTK GNSS receivers and software for the field and the office. Emlid's products are used for surveying, construction, drone mapping and more. Emlid devices are radically more affordable, fully featured and built to last, allowing customers to scale faster or use high accuracy where it was previously prohibitively expensive so that everyone on the team can use RTK.

  • TxWireless

    TxWireless specializes in tailored wireless solutions for transportation and industrial sectors, prioritizing precise positioning, navigation, and timing. Collaborating with Swift, TxWireless crafts GNSS and Cellular connectivity modules for seamless integration into clients' applications, perfect for the expanding realms of autonomous driving and IoT innovations.

Application providers

These partners develop applications that utilize Swift’s precise positioning service and offer them to the mass market.

  • ITS Geo

    ITS Geo Solutions makes precise surveying easy and accessible to the widest possible audience. ITS Geo’s unique approach transforms a standard smartphone or tablet into a precise surveying instrument with applications in land surveying, utilities, construction, mining, and many more.

Network partners

Swift is partnering with leading Mobile Network Operators across the world to deliver the carrier-grade Skylark precise positioning network at a global scale. MNOs are ideally suited to guarantee customers mission-critical SLAs, such as availability and reliability.

  • Deutsche Telekom

    Telekom—one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies—brings Skylark Precise Positioning Service to Telekom’s comprehensive communications infrastructure via its new Precise Positioning product offering.

  • KDDI

    KDDI—an international telecommunications company, offering both mobile and fixed-line communications in Japan—brings Skylark Precise Positioning Service to the Japanese market, further empowering KDDI’s business capabilities in mobility space and contributing to the expansion of business coverage into smart vehicles.

  • SK Telecom

    SK Telecom—a global telecommunications company offering wireless services in Korea—brings Skylark Precise Positioning Service to the Korean market to accelerate the deployment of AI-powered, location-based products in the country.

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