Skylark Precise Positioning Service

Cloud-based GNSS corrections for accurate, reliable, and cost-effective location

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Purpose-Built for Mass Market Deployments

  • Centimeter accuracy with convergence in seconds
  • Reliable performance backed by commercial-grade SLAs
  • Interoperable with a wide range of third-party components
  • Deployed to millions of vehicles and devices worldwide
Skylark Global Coverage Map

Uniform Coverage in Global Markets

Swift partners with MNOs to deploy and maintain the network of ground reference stations that Skylark uses to compute corrections in the cloud, so you get maximum availability and reliability.

Skylark Partner Ecosystem

Backed by Ecosystem Partners Across the Tech Stack

Skylark is interoperable with a large and growing list of mass market chipsets, modules, and applications, so you can design your solution with flexibility and deploy with speed.

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Flexible Configurations for Any Use Case

Skylark Cx

Skylark Nx RTK

Skylark Dx

Skylark Cx

Uniform Country-Wide Precise Positioning

Skylark Cx enables near RTK-level accuracy with uniform coverage and high availability for products and applications that just have to work–everywhere, always. Skylark Cx is ideal for many use cases in automotive, GIS, logistics & fleet management, and outdoor robotics.

  • Decimeter-level accuracy with convergence in seconds
  • Uniform performance backed by carrier-grade network and commercial-grade SLA
  • Interoperable with a wide range of components
  • High integrity positioning available for safety-critical applications, ISO 26262 compliant for ASIL-B
  • Scalable to support billions of devices worldwide

Skylark Nx RTK

Network RTK for High Precision Positioning

Skylark Nx RTK enables centimeter accuracy for applications requiring high levels of precision and greater flexibility and affordability than traditional vertically integrated solutions. Skylark Nx RTK is ideal for rail equipment monitoring, drones, robotic lawnmowers, autonomous agriculture, and high-precision GIS.

  • Accuracy down to 2 cm
  • Convergence to first RTK integer fix in under one minute
  • RTK networks in major markets around the world, including the United States, Europe, and South Korea
  • Interoperable with any standards-compliant RTK receiver
  • Instant access to RTK corrections without the need for a local base station

Skylark Dx

Precise Positioning for Mobile Devices

Skylark Dx offers cost-effective sub-meter precision and uniform performance country-wide for applications requiring low power consumption, minimal processing loads, or low data transmission. Skylark Dx is ideal for mobile handsets & wearables, logistics & asset tracking, and connected infrastructure.

  • Sub-meter accuracy at an industry-leading price point
  • Low power, processing, and data burden
  • Uniform performance backed by carrier-grade network and commercial-grade SLA
  • Universal compatibility with any receiver capable of applying code-phase corrections
  • Scalable to support billions of devices worldwide

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