White Papers

The Swift Navigation engineering team is hard at work field testing our products and capturing data about how Swift’s GNSS solutions benefit a variety of applications. The data captured in our featured white papers showcases how Swift products can improve your precision location project.

  • High-Precision Localization for the Autonomous Sensor Suite

    This white paper discusses how the autonomous future requires highly-accurate sensors for precision navigation and the role GNSS plays in delivering high-precision localization within the autonomous sensor suite.

  • Airborne Environment Dataset

    This dataset explores dynamic data collected from a manned aircraft and demonstrates the data collection process along with the post-processed results achieved using third-party post-processing tools.

  • Vibration White Paper

    This white paper presents the results of vibration testing on Swift Navigation receivers and demonstrates their ability to withstand disruptions and deliver continued, accurate results under heavy vibration conditions.

  • Drive Test Dataset

    Download a real dataset comparing the centimeter-accurate performance of the multi-band, multi-constellation Piksi® Multi RTK GNSS receiver to a leading GNSS receiver that costs ten times as much.

  • Moving Baseline RTK White Paper

    This white paper provides an examination of moving baseline RTK (Real-Time Kinematics), RTK-based heading technology and how RTK-based solutions support autonomous vehicle sensor edge cases.

  • Localization White Paper

    This white paper presents the tradeoffs of varying sensor packages and demonstrates that precise Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), coupled with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), provides the localization cornerstone for these systems.

  • Autonomous Vehicle White Paper

    This white paper evaluates the performance of Swift Navigation’s advanced automotive positioning solution and the role Global Navigation Satellite Systems play in providing absolute position, velocity and time in the automotive sensor suite.